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Mirror, Mirror

Last night, we saw Mirror Mirror (there may supposed to be a comma in there...), and I'm happy to say that not all domestic re-adaptations of fairy tales make me want to throw things! Yay! ...We actually knew that, but some people questioned that point, and now we have proof of the truth.

It was really good! I was so happy that they came up with all new names for the dwarfs. Like I've been saying all along: if you're going to make a new adaptation of a fairy tale, make it all new. The dwarfs were really fun, too, and their arguing was way more believable than the arguing in the Avengers. I think I liked Half Pint the best, but of course Grimm is named Grimm, so...

Of course, nitpickers that we are, we didn't think the movie was perfect. Our biggest concern was the end, where Snow White turns the queen's words back on her. It makes sense in a, "Ha ha! Justice!" sort of way, but on the other hand, the "She's turning into her enemy!" vibe was pretty strong, and that's not so cool. Good guys win because they're good, not because they're the ones the camera is focusing on.

Our other sort-of hangup happened when Snow White went out to fight the beast. For the record, if a girl happens to be a good fighter, or if part of the story happens to require her to become a good fighter, we don't mind; that's just how the character/story is. What really bothers us is when they make a point of saying, "The girl should get to fight monsters and risk her life, too, okay!" So we were a little mad at Snow White when she said she read a lot of books when she was locked up in the castle, and she read a lot of stories where the prince saves the princess, "And I think we should change that!" It was difficult stifling the groans.

But we really liked the prince's comeback, because it was funny. He said, "No no no no no! It's tried and true storytelling! It's been focus-grouped, and it WORKS!" And in the end, they all worked together to slay the beast, and Snow White got to deal the finishing blow, so everyone's happy, I guess. What people don't seem to understand is that fighting, while it looks cool, is bad, and we make the men do it so the women don't have to get their hands dirty.

Randomly, all through the movie, I would look at the prince and think, "I've seen that actor wearing eyeliner..." I'm still not sure if that's actually true, but at least now we know one other thing we've seen him in (Reaper).

The costumes, as Mom had been telling us, were pretty amazing, especially the ones at the ball. And at some point during the film, something about the music stood out to me, and I was like, "This sounds kind of familiar... I wonder who wrote the soundtrack." And sure enough, it was Alan Menken! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Now I'm upset that we didn't see this movie sooner. Ah well, that's life.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a great fairy tale movie, Negi being taught a lesson (mwa ha ha), our package coming today, the weather being nice and cool, and My Beastly ABC's making its Kickstarter goal! Yay!
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