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It's hard going back to Negima! after marathoning Higurashi (although not as hard as going back to Love Hina after marathoning Higurashi, because with Love Hina, we start confusing Keitaro and Keiichi). First of all, when we've marathoned a series, it's weird to think of any other series as actually existing. So it's like, "Negima? What's a negima?" And second, as expected, now that the fighting's over, there's a lot more talking, so progress is a lot slower. But that's not what this post is about.

So yesterday I mentioned something about a fiery rage. Sometimes, as with most fiery rages, I think about it and wonder why I'm even so upset about it, and sometimes, I think about it and come close to flying into another fiery rage. The trigger was a Disney Parks blog post, letting us know that the cost of admission into Disneyland is going up yet again. Most people's reactions seemed to be pretty much, "Sigh. Well, I guess it was going to happen anyway." Some people rushed to buy their tickets before the prices went up (it was announced Friday; the prices changed Sunday). And we flew into a fiery rage.

Okay, it was actually more of a smoldering rage, because we had other things to worry about, but it burned hot and deep. I think the Deep Psychological Issues are at play here somewhere, but it's difficult to pinpoint where without delving into them, and that's just not pleasant. Mainly, we've been feeling like we're being shut out of everything we've loved for so long. Just about every manga title we're working on has come or is coming to an end, and we haven't been able to go to Anime Expo for the last two years. This year, we're not sure we even want to go (so I guess in that case, it's more like we're shutting ourselves out, but a main reason we don't want to go is that they seem to have turned more into being about the fans than about the anime...anyway, that's another rant, I guess).

And now Disneyland is shutting us out, too. Okay, so technically they're not shutting us out--they're happy to have us, as long as long as we give them more money. The annual passes we normally buy have gone up in price 24%. That's kind of a lot. And on the one hand, we're definitely of the opinion that if you like something, you should be willing to support it with money. But on the other hand, we don't like to pay people to be greedy.

...Okay, again, that's not necessarily fair of us to say. People have given us reasons they think the prices have to go up. The main argument is that they need to pay for all the super awesome stuff they've been adding to California Adventure, etc. That's why we bit Donald's head off on Saturday about the lack of awesomeness in the new Little Mermaid ride. The Little Mermaid ride, to us, is kind of like The Princess and the Frog. We wanted to like it a lot, so when we went on it and it wasn't magical, we had to go on it several more times to figure out why, and so we've been analyzing it for some time now. We can tell you a lot of things that could use improvement, and how and why, and how the ride compares to the other Disneyland dark rides, and why those rides are better, so we don't really buy the "but it's just your average Disneyland dark ride" excuse.

Anyway, we had been feeling for a long time that Disneyland prices are too high. Before we were like, "It hurts, but not much compared to our love for Disneyland." Now we've had enough. And it's like they're saying, "But look at all the awesome stuff we do for you!" And we're like, "'s not really awesome enough..." Especially this whole Cars Land business. We don't doubt that Cars Land will be fun, but our feelings toward everything about cars have ranged from indifference to outright dislike, and some of our least favorite places are the ones where we're surrounded by cars and automobile accessories. And to top it all off, the whole Cars movie, and consequently Cars Land, feels like driving through Nevada...which is another thing we've never really thought of as "big fun." (We've made several trips through Nevada, going to and from Utah.)

So...the rage has calmed down some. We don't know all the numbers, so we could be way off when we seriously doubt that they'll need that much extra money to run Cars Land (or to have California Adventure open for an extra couple of hours during the summer), and we shouldn't judge them too harshly. But the one thing we do know is that we won't be renewing our passes this year.

...On the other hand, after thinking about Anime Expo, I wonder if Disneyland, too, will turn into something I don't care about in our absence, especially since we already kind of see that happening. The hard part is figuring out if there's anything we can do about it.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Negima! (even if it's not as much progress as we would have made on Higurashi), chapters with lots of Chisame, working air conditioners, getting to watch Third Man on the Mountain last night (that's the movie that inspired Disneyland's Matterhorn!), and having chocolate.
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