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There used to be days, back when we were afraid of everything, when the clouds would be all billowy and stuff, which wasn't exactly uncommon in Southern California, but wasn't exactly common either, and we would be afraid of thunderstorms even though it was still mostly sunny, and we'd be scared that it was time for the apocalypse or something. There was no real reason for it that I can think of; just...we were scared of everything.

The point is, despite the clouds being fairly normal when we went outside today, it feels like one of those end-of-the-worldy days. I think there are several reasons for this, not the least of which being that we finally watched the last four episodes of Star Driver. It was as good as we expected, but we would have liked more of an epilogue.

And speaking of TV show endings--or season endings, anyway--one of the things we did toward the beginning of the week that I sort of wanted to talk about but didn't because I had other things first is that we watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time (and the episode before it) on Monday.

Our opinion of the show remains pretty much unchanged, but something happened in the second-to-last (of the season) episode that I wanted to mention. See, one of the things we noticed about the series is that occasionally, and this lessened after the Huntsman died, it seemed like the episodes were being written from the point of view of someone who knows the fairy tales, as opposed to the point of view of someone inside the fairy tales. As I said, it wasn't really a big thing because it was subtle and there wasn't a whole lot of it anyway, but it happened again with a more easily explained example.

It was the scene when the queen was telling the prince that she wasn't going to kill Snow White--she had something far worse in mind. Then she walked away and ominously showed him an apple, and it wasn't until he saw it that he was like, "No! Nooooooooo!" But the thing is, unless he knew the story of Snow White, he would have no idea why an apple would have any significance at all. It's true that he would know a fair amount about the story of Snow White, being a significant player in it, but since the whole poisoned apple thing hadn't happened yet...

Anyway, that's just something to watch out for when writing, or translating, for that matter. We've seen examples of times it was obvious that the translator knew something that the audience didn't know yet based on the original Japanese...but we can't think of any examples, so we'll just have to leave it at that.

And so as not to make this an entirely critical review, I will say that we liked that the dragon's wings were pretty big, and that Snow White said, "This is between the queen and me." We also really liked that when Emma used true love to break the curse, it was for her son, thus demonstrating that true love doesn't mean romantic love exclusively.

Today I'm thankful for finally having finished watching Star Driver (we wanted to watch all the last episodes together, and we just couldn't find a good time to do it!), Page not seeming to be too damaged after her fall from the desk (I know she's a cat, but she landed on her back), the 99 Cents Only Store having two-packs of Bizu thingies, finally getting our bills paid, and Oreo being super cute lying on top of the newspaper.
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