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Almost forgot a subject line.

We decided to run a full virus scan on our computer today, so I thought about not updating LJ until it was done, which would be good because then the link to the My Beastly ABC's Kickstarter page would be on top longer, but as you can see, I changed my mind. But if you haven't checked out the Kickstarter page, please do! And spread the word!

Anyway, there are a couple of things I've been thinking about sharing this week, and today is a day of wanting to save time, so I'm going to go with the copy and paste one this time. See, on Sunday, we had a really nice lesson about prayer, and there was a very touching story, so I wanted to share it.

This story comes from a book on the teachings of George Albert Smith, one of the former presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here's a link to the whole lesson, for anyone who might be interested.

"A number of years ago … I heard of [a] nine-year-old boy, an orphan, who was hurried off to the hospital, where examination indicated that he had to be operated upon without delay. He had been living with friends who had given him a home. His father and mother, (when they were alive) had taught him to pray; thus, when he came to the hospital, the thing he wanted was to have the Lord help him.

The doctors had decided to hold a consultation. When he was wheeled into the operating room, he looked around and saw the nurses and the doctors who had consulted on his case. He knew that it was serious, and he said to one of them, as they were preparing to give him the anesthetic: “Doctor, before you begin to operate, won’t you please pray for me?”

The doctor, with seeming embarrassment, offered his excuses and said, “I can’t pray for you.” Then the boy asked the other doctors, with the same result.

Finally, something very remarkable happened; this little fellow said, “If you can’t pray for me, will you please wait while I pray for myself?”

They removed the sheet, and he knelt on the operating table, bowed his head and said, “Heavenly Father, I am only an orphan boy. I am awful sick. Won’t you please make me well? Bless these men who are going to operate that they will do it right. If you will make me well, I will try to grow up to be a good man. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for making me well.”

When he got through praying, he lay down. The doctors’ and the nurses’ eyes were filled with tears. Then he said, “I am ready.”

The operation was performed. The little fellow was taken back to his room, and in a few days they took him from the hospital, well on the way to complete recovery.

Some days after that, a man who had heard of the incident went to the office of one of the surgeons and said, “Tell me about the operation you performed a few days ago—the operation on a little boy.”

The surgeon said, “I have operated on several little boys.”

The man added, “This little boy wanted someone to pray for him.”

The doctor said very seriously, “There was such a case, but I don’t know but that it is too sacred a thing for me to talk about.”

The man said, “Doctor, if you will tell me, I will treat it with respect; I would like to hear it.”

Then the doctor told the story about as I have retold it here, and added: “I have operated on hundreds of people, men and women who thought they had faith to be healed; but never until I stood over that little boy have I felt the presence of God as I felt it then. That boy opened the windows of heaven and talked to his Heavenly Father as one would talk to another face to face. I want to say to you that I am a better man for having had this experience of standing and hearing a little boy talk to his Father in heaven as if he were present.”"

Today I'm thankful for the ability to pray, finishing (what we call) the Total Slaughter Arc of Higurashi, getting to try Disneyland's mint chocolate popcorn (very tasty, but I think I ate too much...), having time to watch Gals!, and handy websites that have the stories we want to share already typed up.
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