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My Beastly ABC's

A couple of weeks ago, we found out about a Kickstarter project that we really really really wanted to back, but we couldn't until we got a paycheck, which took a little longer than we'd hoped. But we finally went to the bank today, and one of the first things we did was make a donation to help fund Duncan Studio's "My Beastly ABC's" Interactive Storybook App.

See, Duncan Studio was created by Ken Duncan, who is one of our favoritest Disney animators, probably best known (by us anyway) for his work on Meg in Hercules. And the studio is working on this super cute app about a little boy who's afraid of everything! I know I've talked about how when we were little, we were afraid of everything, and sometimes we're still afraid of everything, so this seems like a pretty great idea. One day, he goes to school and finds out his fears have come to life as monsters from around the world!

Actually, you should probably just check it out yourself, because the Kickstarter page has a really cool video (hosted by Susan Egan, voice of Meg!) that will tell you all about the project. They're halfway to their goal, and they only have eight days to go, so go help, go help, go help! If they don't meet their goal, they won't get any of it!

They have some pretty great rewards for the different pledge levels, too! We pledged enough to get a t-shirt! (Plus an extra $20 so we could each get one.) But if they don't get enough money, we won't get our t-shirts, and we will be very very sad. But we'll be sad for them even more, because this is a really cool-looking project! Any little bit helps, so please go check it out!

This commercial has been brought to you by...wait a second, commercials don't have sponsors! They are the sponsors! Well, whatever. Go donate! (Please!)

Today I'm thankful for finally being able to donate to this project, getting to go grocery shopping today, getting to go to the bank today, finishing work in time to deal with long phone calls, and sales on mozzarella Cheez-Its.
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