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Mother's Day

Yesterday was another gone all day kind of day. It was Mother's Day! And it turned out to be a very nice one. It started with church, where all the women in the ward got a chocolate truffle at the end of sacrament meeting. The bishop announced there was more to come, so look forward to it!

So at the end of Relief Society, the very nice lesson on prayer was cut short because we could all see the men of the ward peeking through the slightly open door. Then they all came in and sang to us! Awwww! And they handed us more chocolate, which is always nice. And not only that, but they treated us to ice cream sundaes after all the meetings! We chose cookie dough, on principle. They also had crushed Reese's peanut butter cup topping! Yum!

After church, we went to Mom's house and waited for her to get home from her own church meetings (which started, and therefore ended, two hours later), and then we had to decide what to do while we waited for Celeste to show up. There had been talk of watching Gone with the Wind, so we decided we'd better give her her present before that, was a popcorn popper! Woohoo!

We're kind of jealous of it, actually. It works in the microwave, so you get it all set up, and three to five minutes later, you have tasty popcorn! We also got her blue popping corn, because when we found the popping corn at the store, they had red and blue, and we were like, "What's the difference?" "I don't know, but Mom really likes blue." And we got some popcorn seasoning. This time we went with kettle corn.

But by the time we were done playing with Mom's new toy, there wasn't really enough time to watch Gone with the Wind before Celeste showed up, and we knew people would be hungry by then anyway, so the idea was to watch Athena play Skyward Sword until such time as we decided Celeste would be almost there, and then put in the pizzas to cook. (We opted for a very easy Mother's Day meal, because the Twins are not so good with the "cooking.") But Celeste showed up earlier than expected, so...oh well. Anyway, the game was fun.

We had a lovely time talking with everyone. Mom's making a really cool afghan that's supposed to look like a stained-glass window when it's done. And at the end, we had chocolate molten lava cakes! Tadah! (We actually think we've determined once and for all that we don't much care for molten lava cakes, but Mom really loved them, and that's the important thing. And don't think there was any fancy cooking involved; we got pre-made frozen ones and heated them up in the oven.)

And then we came home. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of chocolate, Mom really liking her Mother's Day gift, getting to play Skyward Sword, getting to spend a lot of time on one of our favorite pastimes (conversation), and cookie dough ice cream.
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