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Wow, I had no idea people were so passionate about cookie dough. ...Actually, maybe we did, but we were still surprised at the response. I really think the moral of the story is if you don't like something, that's okay, but if somebody else likes it, that doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. (I had to say "necessarily," because, for example, somebody might like shooting random passersby with a pellet gun. Most people would agree that that's not a very good hobby.)

Anyway, last night turned out to be a pretty good night. We got to see the Avengers, which was awesome, and when we came home, our stuff wasn't stolen, and we think our air conditioner was working. Of course, it's much cooler today, so we haven't bothered to try and find out. They were still working on the AC when we left for the movie, so we left the door unlocked, which had us a little concerned, but thankfully they locked the door when they were done, and were honest themselves.

Speaking of the Avengers! Oh my goodness, the awesomeness. When we watched the Thor and Captain America movies, we noticed how much action there was (as opposed to more "character" scenes), and adding that up with how many "main characters" there were supposed to be in the Avengers, we were afraid that anybody watching would be disappointed in the amount of time spent on their favorite character, unless that favorite character was Explosions. We were not wrong about the people whose favorite character is Explosions would be very, very happy (we think; Explosions isn't our favorite character, so we couldn't say for sure), but we were also pleasantly surprised at how much time they spent portraying each of the other characters. Except maybe Hawkeye, but since he didn't have a movie and he's been called out for archery fraud (I'm sorry Mr. Renner; I couldn't resist)...

Anyway. Yeah, lots of awesome character development. We're in love with Captain America. And with Thor, to a lesser extent. Iron Man is fun, and he's great on a team because he has so many more people use his rapier wit on, but...not really "in love." But he probably is responsible for making the movie as awesome as it was.

Little thing about Captain America that made me love him even more was the fact that he used the two-finger point. I learned to use a two-finger point when I worked at Disneyland (for a month almost eight years ago), so I guess seeing Captain America use it made me think, "Ooh! We're alike♥" Little thing about Captain America that made Athena love him even more was his German accent in pronouncing Stuttgart.

First of all, the part where the Hulk beats up Loki! We couldn't help but be reminded of Darkwing Duck. You know, the episode where Stegmutt...or however his name is know, the dinosaur guy. Anyway, he wanted to play with Darkwing, and someone suggested he pretend DW was on fire. "Put out the Loki! Put out the Loki!" And the look of shock on Loki's face when he was done... ♥

When Captain America finally got one of their cultural references! We were so happy for him! We love his voice. And his hair. Not that either of those points is relevant.

The scene where they were all arguing seemed a little off. Forced, or something. Stark and Fury are arguing, so Cap comes in and says, "Hey, Stark, you know how I hate you? Well I just found out you're right, and I'm going to argue with you about it!" And Stark's like, "Oh, I'm right, am I? Well, now I'm gonna argue, too!" And Banner's like, "Hey, I wanna argue, too!" And Romanov's like, "You can't argue! Then you'll go ballistic, and that's just what they want!" And Banner's like, "Who are you to tell me not to argue!?" And Thor was in there somewhere, I guess, but...

And they were all arguing at each other, and it was just kind of weird. Maybe I just didn't like it because I love Cap and Thor and Iron Man so much that I didn't like the idea of them hating each other. Especially since Stark's dad was such good friends with Captain America. We'll just have to watch it again to see if I feel better about it now that I've seen them getting along.

Well, I think that covers it for Avengers reactions. Oh, except for the missile thing. I know almost killing characters adds some dramatic spice to the whole thing, but you already killed Coulson, and this was a little over the top. I mean, did he really have to go through the portal to send the missile through the portal? We're thinking not. ...Though on the other hand, it was really cool to see the Hulk save something instead of crushing it, so I guess it's okay. (And I guess you could argue that if he wanted to make sure to do as much damage to the enemy as possible, he would have had to keep a hold on it as long as he could. Sure they were closing the portal, but maybe the enemy would find another way back. Of course, now they would be angrier about it...)

But speaking of Coulson! We're still convincing ourselves he's not actually dead. He was totally my favorite character! That's even what I said when Loki stabbed him. I said it out loud (in a whisper), "But he's my favorite character!" But Fury is the one who said they were calling it, and we didn't see them actually calling it, and we know that Fury knew that the Avengers needed to think that he was dead to give them the push they needed to come together as a team! On the other hand, if he wasn't actually dead, would they all start arguing again, like in that scene I don't like? But they are already a team now, so... And besides, I hear tell nobody in the Marvel universe stays dead for long.

And I just remembered one last thing. The end-credits Easter egg (which was super awesome). Very well played, Whedon. Almost everybody in the theater left after the thing with the red guy (who I think we're supposed to recognize...?).

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us to see the Avengers, having all our stuff when we got back, Disneyland kettle corn, the Avengers being kind to people with favorite characters other than Explosions, and getting lots of cards at the lighthouse.
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