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I just can't think of an introduction today, so let's just get back to talking about Disneyland.

Let's see, where did we leave off? We did stuff at the Hollywood Backlot area, and we went to the Muppets 3D show and the Bug's Life 3D show, and then we were all hungry, so it was off to the Taste Pilot's Grill for lunch (or lunner). The significance of this is that we got our lunch right about when the new show Minnie's Fly Girls was going on. We were eating, so we didn't see it up close, and we missed a bunch of details, but we did catch on to the fact that they were waiting for Minnie to show up in her polka-dotted plane, and that there was some talk about flying around the world...

Anyway, they sang a big medley of songs that were either from or mentioned other countries to indicate where we were in our world tour. For example, when they were in Turkey, they sang Istanbul (Not Constantinople). And they sang It's A Small World in a bunch of different languages. Then they sang a medley of every Disney song they could think of with the word "fly" in it, including Let's Go Fly A Kite, which has nothing to do with transportation. Then Minnie showed up and everybody cheered and stuff, except that they didn't because it was kind of a sad audience.

After lunch, we went to the pier, where Mom and Kimee finally got to experience Toy Story Midway Mania. It's a fun ride, but I think of all the lines in all the parks, that one kills my soul the most. Fortunately, it wasn't a very long line, and Mom liked the ride so much that she bought the Wii game when she got home. And then we went to the actual midway games on the pier and won two Dumbo plushes, because Mom really likes that game. XD

Then we used our fast passes for Soarin', and then it was time for Mom and Kimee to go wait for World of Color while Athena and I ran to Downtown Disney to get some more beignets (and a sno-ball for Kimee, which, she informs us, did not, as Gaston described, taste like sadness, but also did not taste like grape (though to be fair, Gaston's was "strawberry")). We were a little worried that they wouldn't let us past the security checkpoint with food (we've been turned out of amusement parks for food before, but not Disney ones), but when Athena, deciding honesty is in fact the best policy, showed her the contents of our white-powder-filled bag and said, "We brought some beignets," the cast member said, "Nice!" and let her through without incident.

Our next danger spot was the World of Color fast pass checkpoint, because somehow in the fifteen minutes between leaving Mom beyond that point and getting beignets, I had lost Athena and my fast passes. I explained to the cast member, and she let us in without incident, which we thought she might, because as I looked for our passes, Athena saw her hand a couple of passes to some other guest and told him to go find a place to stand. They must not have been expecting a full crowd that night.

After finally clearing all the obstacles, we made it back to Mom and Kimee, who were standing with a very nice family who was visiting from Oregon. We talked for a while before the show started and hit it off pretty well. On the other side of us was a girl with her boyfriend/husband/SO who was much less friendly, as at one point in the show, after a bunch of cool stuff happened that we were cheering for, said, "You guys are really loud, to the people around you. Sorry; everyone's cringing."

We're pretty sure that by "everyone," she meant her and maybe the guy with her, because the guy in front of Athena seemed completely unfazed. Also, after the show, our friends from Oregon thanked us for our enthusiasm, and when I apologized for perhaps being too shrill, said, "Oh, not at all!" Then one of them gave us her email address! (We haven't emailed her yet; we need to change that at some point when we're not obsessed with our schedule.) So my theory is "everyone" was this girl's shield because she didn't have the guts to own her own opinion, and she wouldn't feel as bad killing someone's good mood if she was doing somebody else a service. Alternatively, she figures that, model of a normal human being that she is, obviously everyone feels the same way she does, and there's no need to even ask.

As it turned out, we were done cheering for a while anyway, because that was where a bunch of more boring segments started. There were some cool effects, but they were more, "Oooh, aaah," type effects than "WOOOOOOO!" type effects. Then there were some more cheer-worthy effects, and we heard a bunch of other people shouting, so we figured it was okay for us to cheer, too, even if some people don't know how to enjoy life.

After that, it was back to the hotel to watch Snow White tell her bedtime story, and then be lulled to sleep by the colored light show on the Ferris wheel.

We spent all of the next day in Disneyland, and there's not a whole lot to report there, but there were a few unusual incidents. First of all, we started out in Fantasyland, and pretty much made our way from the castle on, so after Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, we went to the Alice in Wonderland ride. When we got in line, we noticed a cast member there who looked an awful lot like the guy who had seated us on Mr. Toad. He noticed us, too, and said, "Didn't I just see you on Mr. Toad?" We said yes, and he said, "Come with me; I'll see if I can save you some time." Apparently he was just starting his shift helping guests exit this ride. So he took us through the exit and when he let the first group off their caterpillar, he put us right on it! It was pretty awesome.

The crowds were pretty light, so we got to go on a bunch of big rides multiple times, but not Indiana Jones, because that, too, was suddenly closed for refurbishment. The really sad thing about that one is that it hadn't been closed the previous day, when we were in California Adventure. Arrrrrgh! It must have been a conspiracy!

But we did go on Autopia for the first time in forever, and remembered that we really don't hate it nearly as much as all our friends who hate it. In fact, it was quite pleasant...except for the gasoline smell. They really should bring that ride into the future. (Y'know, it being a Tomorrowland attraction and all.)

Mom spent a lot of money on her new grandson, but she splurged on those of us who were with her, too. She bought us some fancy flavored popcorn samplers. We tried the caramel today; it was very tasty. And we had parfaits at lunch...but oddly, the chocolate cream tasted the same as the vanilla cream. Maybe it was white chocolate cream, and not vanilla. Anyway, the Hershey's syrup at the bottom was delicious.

At the end of the day, there was a very small incident when I was sent back into the park. See, Kimee wanted a Stitch pillow pal, and we figured we could buy one at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney on the way back to the car. But they were sold out! So I started running back to the park, because we saw the pillow in there and I knew I could get one. But as I was running, a mother called out to her little girl, who dashed directly in front of me! And blammo! I was knocked to the floor! And this is why you don't run at Disneyland. The girl was very apologetic, but I was too busy picking up my belongings to tell her it was okay. Now I feel a little bad about that.

That reminds me! There was this sweet little girl in California Adventure! We went to Beast's Library to take the personality quiz, and of course all the stations were already taken by people who got there earlier. This one little girl had just finished her quiz at one of the stations that didn't have a chair, so we were about to take it, but she looked like she wanted to take the quiz again, and we like the ones with chairs better anyway, so we left. She saw us going, but just to make sure, she very politely asked, "Did you want to take a turn?" Awwwwww♥♥♥ She gives me hope for mankind.

Anyway, then we got some more beignets, bought some fancy Wetzel's Pretzels for dinner, made a pit stop at the amazing bathrooms in the Grand Californian (I don't remember if they were as amazing as the one at the AMC...), and finally it was time to drive home.

And that concludes our most recent Disneyland report. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the train always showing up right when we wanted it, nice pleasant drives on Autopia, finally getting to try those popcorn samplers, getting to have hamburger biscuits for dinner last night, and getting to take home the leftovers.
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