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Ha! It was Hiyama-san!!

This time I went with Jonathan and said it's either Chiba-san or Hiyama-san, but Athena was pretty well convinced it was Hiyama-san, so she gets a cookie. It was kind of funny too, because Hiyama-san (adult Link in OoT) played one of the bad guys in that episode, and Fujiko Takimoto (child Link) played one of the good guys.

And I noticed I have a bad habit of going off about things without telling people what I'm talking about. To clarify, we watched the second episode of Tsubasa Chronicle today. Our first impression of it is, "It's CLAMP does Kingdom Hearts!" and then our next impression was, "It's CLAMP does Kingdom Hearts mixed with volume 5 of DN Angel!" They even got Miyu Irino (Sora and Daisuke) to be Syaoran! It's actually different enough to not be CLAMP does Kingdom Hearts or DN Angel, but that's not going to stop us from making KH jokes during the whole thing.

I do have to say, it's not every day a princess loses her heart and the guy who's in love with her has to go across several worlds to find it. And he's got a mage and a fighter helping him out, or at least stuck on the quest with him, but they switched Donald and Goofy's personalities.

I wonder if Irino-kun's being in a CLAMP series will increase the chances of his being at AX...
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