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Well, it's almost time for us to go... Actually, it's only sort of almost time, but... Anyway, when Mom's done at church, somebody will come get us, and then we'll go to her house for some pizza, and then head down south toward Disneyland. I feel like I had some mildly original thoughts on this matter, but I can't remember what they were anymore. But anyway, we're excited to go for our birthday!

This time is going to be interesting, because Gaston is planning to meet us down there, and from the brief phone conversation I had with him yesterday and the things he said last time we were at Disneyland (when we told him we were going again for our birthday), it's clear that he has some idea in his mind as to what's going to happen. From everything I've talked about with Mom, it's clear that she has some idea in her mind as to what's going to happen. And from the comparisons I've drawn between these two sets of information, they don't exactly match.

I don't think there's much to worry about, though, because Gaston has an annual pass, so if things go differently than he planned and it's a problem, he can just go again. Alternatively, he can take Alice and go do whatever he wants without us. (Alice is pretty laid-back in that regard.)

...I can't believe we're turning .

Today I'm thankful for the great discussions we had at church today, teachers who are good at leading discussions, getting to have homemade pizza for dinner, the treats we brought home from church to be consumed later, and getting to go to Disneyland for our birthday! Yay!
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