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We finished work early today! Yay! ...But I think I wrote about everything I had to write about yesterday, so now I'm kind of stuck.

I suppose I could talk about our endeavors to improve our Japanese. See, we like to think we're pretty good at understanding Japanese, but we're definitely lacking in our ability to communicate in Japanese. Last time we went to Disneyland with Kyoya, I felt terrible about it; we never finish any sentences because we couldn't figure out the right conjugation. Fortunately for us, Japanese is the language of trailing off. Also, when I apologized to Kyoya for my weird Japanese he said he could understand what we were saying, so it wasn't a problem. On the other hand, he didn't say it wasn't weird...

Anyway! the point is, we need to improve our Japanese speaking skills. That's part of why we wanted to take the day off tomorrow--we wanted to actually get started with Japanese writing practice. We'll have the other computer on tomorrow anyway for some name indexing, so it will be a good chance to type some stuff up without having to take turns. We might even put it on a couple of blogs! ...But then we'd have to figure out where to sign up for them. Maybe LJ, maybe somewhere else...I don't know.

Another part of our plan involves Trivial Pursuit. One of the reasons we don't speak Japanese to each other at home is that we just don't know what to say. So when we're like, "Okay, time to practice!" suddenly, there's nothing to talk about, despite the fact that we have no problem staying up an extra hour every night talking about whatever. We've always been the types to keep things to ourselves when we're not entirely sure how to express our thoughts, so telling ourselves that we have to express those thoughts in Japanese leads to not expressing them at all.

That being the case, we're trying to work around that by playing Trivial Pursuit! All the questions and answers, and ideally any commentary (we're still working on that), are in Japanese! (After we mentally translate them.) We started with the Disney version, because we wanted questions we could actually answer. It's not good practice to constantly say "wakannai." We already know how to say that! We ended up playing for almost two hours on Tuesday.

The only problem is we're not sure how to find time to do all the stuff we want to do. We haven't practiced any music all week! (Actually, Athena practiced her whistle on Monday, but I had a meeting.) Oh well; I'm sure we'll get it all figured out eventually. The key here is perseverance.

Today I'm thankful for having some ideas on how to practice our Japanese, finishing work early today, getting that volume of Higurashi done in less time than we had predicted, Disney Trivial Pursuit, and officially being allowed (by ourselves) to sleep in tomorrow.
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