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In the last volume of Love Hina, Naru has a line that's something like "the universe never gets tired of interrupting us," and we're getting the feeling that's true, even for Love Hina translations. Here we finally got back from our long Disneyland interruption, and we're ready to get to work! We considered interrupting Love Hina longer so as to get Higurashi turned in sooner, but we're just so close to the end, we thought it would be best to keep going. So we got to work! and promptly got distracted doing some research for our Disneyland birthday trip next week. Siiiigh.

We're really close to the end now, and we probably would have just gone on and worked a little overtime to finish it today, but my ride will be here any minute to take me to a Thursday Night Activity Committee meeting. We're in the middle of editing the last chapter. ...before the epilogues.

Speaking of Love Hina, we haven't seen the anime in ages, so we forgot all about Naru's sister! We noticed her in the one panel she shows up in, and we were like, "Mei (Sakura)!?" So then we were at the Love Hina characters Wikipedia article to spell-check a different name, and we saw the name Mei Narusegawa, so we checked it out. It claims there's a mention of Naru's half-sister in volume 11...which we didn't remember at all. Now we're worried all the fans are going to be upset because our translation is "wrong." So we checked our script, and we suspect the mention was an adaptation, added by a writer who had seen the anime. As for the uncertainty about Mei being a half-sister or a stepsister, the volume 14 mention only says little sister, and says nothing about how much blood is shared.

Hmm... I was thinking about giving a little review of Disney Nature's Earth today, but I'm not sure I have time, so I think I'll save it for tomorrow. For now, suffice it to say, the visuals were absolutely stunning.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Love Hina despite interruptions, the weather being tolerably cooler today, having a slightly better idea of what's going on with our trip next week (though there's still a lot that's up in the air), friendly Disneyland phone cast members, and finishing this entry before my ride showed up.
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