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Tired day

Whew, today is a tired day. We actually left Disneyland yesterday morning, but for convenience and scheduling reasons, we stayed at Gaston's place last night and came home this morning. The scheduling reasons (Alice had a...scrapbooking? quilting?...some crafty type thing to go to) involved us waking up early so people could be on time, so we're a little extra tired anyway.

The sad thing is we've been feeling sleep-deprived for a couple of weeks now, and we have a hard time letting ourselves sleep in on weekdays. Church on Sunday means Saturday is the day to sleep in, but we've had something going on every Saturday this month. And next week, there's a service project. We could declare a day off after turning in the Love Hina translations next week, but soon after we got home today, we got a delivery of Higurashi manga to be translated, so that's seeming like a worse idea. On the other hand, we're pretty excited to have so much more manga in our to-be-translated pile, so we're not too upset about it. Maybe we'll just go to bed at nine tonight, and then whatever time we get up for church will feel like sleeping in.

As for Disneyland...well, not a whole lot of noteworthy stuff happened, I think. We tried the strawberry lemonade at a MacDonald's on the way down south and decided it's very yummy...

We had braced ourselves to watch World of Color again, since Gaston loves it so much, but to our surprise, when he found out Disneyland was going to be open late enough to show Fantasmic!, he asked which one we'd rather see. Normally, we might have been more flexible, especially since we're going back in a little over a week for our birthday, but they won't be showing Fantasmic! then, and we hadn't seen it in a loooong time. Plus, we really are rather tired of World of Color, and he specifically asked which one we'd rather see, to which the answer is always Fantasmic!. And since Gaston said he'd rather be at Disneyland for the majority of the time, especially at night, then Fantasmic! turned out to be the better option all around.

So we watched Fantasmic! and it made us happy like it always does. Long before we watched it, we went to Tom Sawyer's island for the first time in a very long time, and so we got to wander around the stage a little bit. After so many years watching Fantasmic!, the stage seems so small, but when you're actually standing on's not.

But the really fun thing about Tom Sawyer's island is that when we were just about to get on the ferry to go over there, the Bootstrappers (the pirate band) boarded the ferry, and we got to have a sing-along as we rode over. Actually, we thought it would just be live entertainment, but after the first chorus, one of the pirates yelled at us for not singing. It happened to be the same guitar-playing pirate who commented on our being easily swayed. Oh! and this time the pirates had a bass player--not a bass guitar; a double bass--the kind that's at least as tall as the person playing it. And he carried his bass around wherever they went. And after they'd sing a song and everyone would clap, he'd say, "That's right; we were very good."

We caught them playing again later and realized that wow, almost every song they sing is about alcohol. This is especially amusing to us because the guitarist and the bass player both had very LDS looks to them. But it was kind of alarming, because they sing to small children. Then again, as was pointed out by Gaston and Alice on Friday night, we sang some pretty gruesome songs as kids. "Rock-a-bye, baby..." for example.

Also, I think it's awesome that the pirates yell at people for not singing. People need to not be afraid to sing along. I was noticing when we were on the Haunted Mansion how great it was that in the graveyard, all the ghosts are singing along in different styles, not really caring how well they blend with everyone else, or how good their voices are; it's about having fun, not impressing people.

There was one time, back on the mainland, where the Bootstrappers were leading us all in a song and we were supposed to clap twice at a certain part in each chorus, and they said, "One more time!" and they started to sing the chorus one more time...but one woman...we couldn't tell if she didn't clap or if she got it wrong, but they stopped the song and kept redoing that part over and over until she got it right. ...Okay, so I can see where yelling at people like that would make them more reluctant to participate, but they were all very supportive and complimentary when she finally got it right.

Tom Sawyer's island is a pretty fun place. There are a bunch of caves to wander around that all look really cool. Adults don't like to play in them so much because they're not the most wide, open of spaces, but they're not that small, either, so it was pretty awesome. The biggest problem, really, is that it takes a lot of energy to do all that climbing. But, on a non-related note, we did see a mother duck who appeared to be babysitting, as she had eleven ducklings with her. They were super adorable.

The other special thing about this trip to Disneyland is that there's this hotel. We see it at least half the times we go, because it's just across the street from the park. It's called the Castle Inn & Suites, and it's made out to look like a castle. With stained-glass windows in the front and gargoyles and turrets and everything. If you're the type of person who likes going to Disneyland, I don't see how you can possibly not want to stay there. Well, Gaston likes to book hotels last minute for some reason (probably the best time to get deals, I guess), but as of when we had left on Thursday morning, reservations had not been made. So instead of booking via computer, as he normally does, he used his smart phone. And has a whole different set of deals for mobile phone users as opposed to computer internet users. And that night, there was a very nice deal on rooms at the Castle Inn & Suites. Of course, Gaston felt the same way about the place we did (how can you not want to stay there?), and so the reservations were made!

As far as hotels go, I think it was pretty average, but! the theme made it that much awesomer. I took a few pictures that I'll some point in the future...theoretically. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Fantasmic! again, getting to stay at the Castle Inn & Suites, Mom being kind enough to feed our kitties, having more manga to translate, and getting to explore Tom Sawyer's island.
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