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The circle of life

Today was actually going really well, work-wise, which was a definite change from the beginning of the week. But we quit early anyway, so we could get ready for Disneyland. It would be nice if we could just pick up and go, but we like to make sure everything is ready and stuff.

That being the case...I don't know what to talk about today. I think I had something...about the Lion King! Right! I was thinking about the Lion King this morning, because, since we've been using the Disney Date CD in our alarm clock every morning, and since we like to listen to five songs before we actually get out of bed (they're all pretty short), I've been paying attention to the Japanese lyrics and comparing them to the English ones. Mostly with the Lion King, because for some reason, we had "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" in our heads on Monday night, so we were bursting into song.

As we were singing, I thought, "What's the English version of that line again?" And that's when it hit me. In the English version, the line in the song goes "the world, for once, in perfect harmony with all its living things." And in the Japanese version, the line is more like, "the harmony that envelops the world, the song of life." When I realized that, I was like, "Wow, the English version is kind of world-hating in its love-feeling optimism." The Japanese version seems more generally optimistic.

So this morning we were listening to "The Circle of Life," and I was comparing lyrics again, and again, the English version seems more despairing. "There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done." And it goes on and on like that! Of course, at Anime Expo, they tend to treat that like a good thing: "We have so much awesome stuff, there's no possible way you can do it all in four days!" So maybe it's just my own pessimistic interpretation of the lyrics that makes me think it could be interpreted as, "There's too much; you can't do it all, so why bother?"

But the song goes on to say that, despite the impossibility of experiencing it all (though who would want to, come to think of it?), the circle of life keeps pushing life along...and it almost sounds like that's regardless of the will of the living things. On the other hand, "life goes on" is kind of an important thing to realize. ...I'm not sure I'm entirely coherent in this rambling. Anyway, the Japanese version sounds more like life is moving forward of its own will, and I thought of posting lyrics for comparison, but I'm having a difficult time focusing right now. But for example, the first lines of the chorus are "It's the circle of life; life moving in a circle."

The first part is in English in both versions, so the second part is the Japanese explanation. For the Japanese version, I feel more like life is the circle, but in the English version, I feel more like the circle is a driving force, controlling life.

Of course, that all just depends on personal interpretation, so it's going to be different for different people. But anyway, I'm starting to wonder if I might like the Japanese dub of the Lion King better than I like the American version. The story did originate in Japan after all. XD

Today I'm thankful for having time to get everything ready before we have to go, getting to go to Disneyland, Mom being kind enough to wait and wait and wait while we had our temple recommend interviews last night, having renewed temple recommends, and getting to read Skip Beat! last night.
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