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We did honestly want to put in a full work day today. We really did. ...Okay, so we did sleep until eight-thirty instead of eight, but other than that, we were planning to not slack off at all! We blame sabotage.

Other stuff just kept coming up. For one thing, taxes. We did not expect taxes to take as long as they did. I still don't know why they took so long, to be honest. Frankly, it doesn't make any sense. It feels like time kind of shrank between twelve and one o'clock or something. Twelve-ish is when Sarah came to take us to the post office. Come to think of it, she probably showed up between 12:10 and 12:30, so that's probably part of what happened. It just seemed like she showed up at noon, and we didn't take that long at the post office. Before that, we were printing out vouchers and writing checks. And trying to work around Page's sabotage.

Anyway, we finally managed to get to work after lunch, and then Athena's visiting teacher called and asked if there was a good time she could come this week for a visit. Well, we're leaving for Disneyland tomorrow afternoon, so today was the day. It was after that phone call that I was ready to throw in the towel and go read Skip Beat!. In fact, today has been another one of those, "Why aren't we reading Skip Beat!?" days, in large part because manga won the coin toss last night, and that's what we were both reading.

But we stayed strong! And I was hoping to at least get through the whole Motoko thing, and we almost did! But at the very end, Tsuruko said something that required Thinking to fix, and we were done with that. So we stopped and ate coffee cake.

In other news, last night at Home Evening Group, we played the Name Game, where someone stands in the middle while everyone takes turns calling names--someone calls your name, and you call somebody else's name, then they call another name, etc. And if your name has been called and the person in the middle hits you (in this game, we used a rolled-up newspaper) before you call another name, you have to be in the middle. I started people ganging up on anyone who hadn't been in the middle yet, so the game got pretty cutthroat toward the end.

The really funny thing about it was it all started when I noticed that three people hadn't been in the middle yet--Jennifer, Dorothy, and myself. So I told Athena my plan to make sure everybody got a chance to be in the middle, and she said, "You know where that will end up," and I said, "I'm cool with it." (It wasn't exactly like that, but that was the gist.) So first we got Jennifer in the middle, because she was laughing a little too scornfully when people got hit, and then people were catching on, so we got Wendy in the middle.

Of course, by then, everyone knew I was the only one who hadn't been in the middle, but the game had gone on long enough, so they decided on one more round. And EVERYONE was calling my name. That made it pretty easy for me, though, because I realized that instead of trying to come up with a name every time, I just needed to name everybody in order. The game ended when I called Joe's name and Dorothy threw the newspaper at him. She missed, but everybody thought that was a great finale, so the game ended. And I never had to stand in the middle.

It's kind of sad, though, because everyone was calling my name, so all she had to do was stand next to me and swing at the right time. Someone even told her so, but she couldn't commit, because in her words, she still can't always tell us apart. This is the especially sad part, because we knew this would be an issue right when the game started, so we made sure to point out that Athena was in the red jacket, and Alethea was in the black jacket. Another friend supplied the information that we never trade jackets. But she still couldn't commit. I think this is just a very tragic (okay, it could be more tragic, but still) example of how people can be paralyzed by the fear of messing up. Also, if we didn't know her better, we'd be kind of offended that she wasn't paying any attention when we told her exactly how to tell us apart. But we do know her better, so instead, we just sigh. Siiiiiiiigh.

Today I'm thankful for the super yummy coffee cake we just ate, Sarah driving us to the bank and the post office, Mom helping us with our taxes, the ridiculous amount of happiness provided by our Tiger & Bunny CD today, and having enough money to pay our taxes (along with the first estimate for this year! extra yay!).
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