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Tangled Love Hina

We were translating the Love Hina epilogues today, and we couldn't help but wonder if Love Hina had anything to do with the choice of sidekick for Rapunzel in Tangled.

It's not just because Ema has a chameleon, of course. For some reason I don't see chameleons as being that unusual as sidekicks. Maybe it's because we had a chameleon as one of our first Littlest Pet Shop pets. It was super adorable. We miss those little guys... We had to give them away when our family moved to a different apartment right before we went to college. We realized that, much as we loved them, they were mostly just sitting on the shelf, and we hope they've found some playmates.

Anyway. A chameleon by itself isn't necessarily a connection. But there's that scene on page 165 of volume 14. Ema takes Naru's bridal veil and puts it on, then looks in the mirror with this stunned/dreamy/dazed/"I can't believe I actually look so pretty" look on her face, and there's the chameleon right behind her. And we were like, "Now that looks familiar..." It's just like when Rapunzel puts on the crown!

Also, we know Ema was designed to be plain-looking, and we suspect the same of Rapunzel. They both have freckles, but of course Rapunzel's hair is amazing, and it seems a little odd to put glasses on a girl who was born with magical healing flower power, but they did give Rapunzel an overbite. So we just can't help but wonder.

We're hoping to finish editing these last volumes of Love Hina before we leave for Disneyland, but it's looking iffy. We need to make sure not to pressure ourselves, though, because we certainly do not want to rush the last volumes of a series. And that's why we've chosen not to work another CD today. That, and we have other things to do.

Today I'm thankful for Sister P tracking us down and returning our manga (from the table display) yesterday, not getting stung by any of the swarm of bees we walked through on the way to and from the store, having coffee cake!, fond memories of Littlest Pet Shop pets, and it being warm enough to keep the air filter on a higher setting.
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