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Today we had to do Stuff, which was annoying because this week, we've been extra aware of the fact that we're weird, which I normally consider to be a good thing, but this time, I mean it more in the sense of people look at us, raise an eyebrow, and say, "...I'm gonna go over there now." It's not even like anything happened; it's just one of those weeks. We deal with those weeks through escapism, but we don't have time for escapism, because people keep wanting us to do stuff, which is our own fault for signing up to do stuff. On the bright side, I think we came up with a fairly nice table display. (Oh right, I guess that might be what's causing the Week; darn insecurities.)

But all we really want to do is play Kingdom Hearts. Speaking of which, oh. my. goodness! We've been playing in the World That Never Was and the main reaction is, "Oooooohhhh nooooooooooooooooo!!!" And also, "Why is this boss so flippin' hard?"

So on the Sora side of things, the game wasn't too difficult, but aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Sooooraaaaaaaaaaa! Noooooo!! Come back!!!! We knew they were trying to turn him to the dark side. Or, I guess, get him close enough that they could tie him up and lock him in the dark side's basement. And what the heck, Xehanort? You are so freaking creepy! We've never liked the idea of replacing someone's psyche with that of a psychopath (the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie didn't actually give me nightmares (thank goodness), but it did keep me awake at night), and he wanted to do it to thirteen people!? I'm so glad most of them were too strong-willed for it to work.

Speaking of which! I was so happy to find out that the Nobodies actually have hearts after all, not because I didn't see it coming (they've been hinting at it forever), but because for some reason, I've been developing this rant in my head about, "Come on, people! Why do you keep treating everything the BAD guys say as gospel truth!? Bad guys lie!!!" So when they revealed that Xemnas and Xigbar had been lying, I was like, "Somebody gets it!"

Anyway, it's also amusing that Xigbar is half Xehanort, because he's played by an Ootsuka, and the two main Xehanorts are played by Ootsukas, too! We were super excited when we played Birth by Sleep, and looked up the voice of old Xehanort, and found out he was played by Chikao Ootsuka, who is the real-life father of Akio Ootsuka, who played Ansem/Xehanort in the first Kingdom Hearts! It was fun listening when old Xehanort turned into Terra Xehanort, because then it was Akio Ootsuka again, and it was like, "Whoa, they totally sound alike! And they talk alike, too!"

They told Sora that the X mark on his shirt was the...thing that may or may not have been mentioned in Birth by Sleep...the "mark of the heretic," or something. You know, the whole reason everyone in Organization XIII has an X in their name. But I think they're either wrong or lying again, and that it really was Yen Sid who gave Sora the new outfit, because they haven't explained why Terra, Aqua, and Ventus all had X's on their costumes. Though, come to think of it, I don't remember if Eraqus had one.

Wait, Xemnas told Sora he was going to carve the symbol into Sora when the battle started...but then Sora beat Xemnas, and the mystery kid that may or may not be Saix said Sora already had the mark on his chest...maybe we're just not following the Japanese fast enough. But the real question is why is Xemnas taking orders from Xigbar? Athena suggests it's that Xemnas is not played by an Ootsuka. That might actually be right, in the sense that Xemnas might be more related to Terra than to Xehanort...or something...

So Sora's trapped in darkness's basement, and then it's time to play with Riku. And we just get killed by the boss about a million times. The end. What's the big idea fighting a last boss when the game tells us we still have about 30% of the story left? Anyway, Riku will save Sora eventually, but we have to go set up a table display. Sigh.

There was also something about how Riku's been a dream eater since waaaaay back before the first game, protecting Sora from nightmares, but that part was kind of confusing. We'll probably get to see it again today, on our way to fighting Athena's favorite battle (you can tell it's her favorite, because it's the one she fights the most XD), so maybe it will make more sense then. And maybe we'll pause it every line so we can have time to process the Japanese dialogue. Or maybe we won't, because Square-Enix started making it so the start button automatically skips scenes, which is really just wrong. What if we wanted to look at that shot or something?

Today I'm thankful for having things to display on our table, finishing the last part of Love Hina's main story before lunch (so we had time to do our other stuff), the other stuff not taking all day, having enough sheets to make the divider for human Battleship last night, and getting to see a bunch of cool story stuff in Kingdom Hearts.
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