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Today has been highly irregular. We started out fully intending to get back to work, but then either our computer or Google Chrome or our internet connection stopped liking blogs. Or maybe the blogs stopped liking us. All I know is that it took twenty minutes to check the Disney Parks Blog and Live Journal, and usually it only takes about five, and that's only because they have minute-long videos at the Disney Parks Blog.

Realizing that Something was Wrong, we decided to run a virus scan. We went to eat some toaster strudels while it went on, and when we came back, it was 50% done! ...and it stayed that way long enough for us to decide to do something else while we waited. And Oreo stole my chair, which didn't help.

So we decided to do some work-related reading (Deltora Quest, etc.), and then it was already lunchtime! But the virus scan was done and didn't find anything. That's good except for the fact that now we don't know what went wrong. Ah well, it's working now. After lunch, we did a little bit of work, and then decided that the rest of Love Hina 13 can wait until tomorrow. And so we stopped working early! Tadah!

Anyway, I wonder if getting back to our Kingdom Hearts report will help us finally make some progress in this latest world. But unfortunately, thanks to a minor coding error, our whole report was rendered illegible, and nigh impossible to decode. Any word that had an apostrophe, comma, period, or parenthesis was deleted, and my memory's just not good enough to figure out everything I wrote.

The short version is, we were in Symphony of Sorcery, which is the Fantasia world, and we like it a lot but it drove us crazy because it played the classical music in the background, and in the Nutcracker Suite area, it would finish one bit and move on to the next one, but there was never enough time to find out if it played Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, which, we found out later, it didn't. But Waltz of the Flowers is still awesome, so it's not a total loss (as if those are the only pieces that matter).

It also took us forever to make it through each gigantic room, which made progress very difficult. But then we saved Mickey from the evil spell that was cast on him, and it was all happy again. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Guesstures at Home Evening Group last night, the yummy ice cream we had when we got home, managing to be slightly productive despite setbacks, finding a picture of ourselves to send in so we didn't have to take a new one (apparently the people in charge need it for the table display thing; right, I still need to explain about that), and still having lots of chocolate to look forward to.
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