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Wow, I feel like so much has happened, actually hasn't. But! on the way to the store today, we were passed by a funeral procession that was led by a motorcycle gang! That seemed pretty eventful, but when I thought about posting about it, I realized that's all there is to say about it. As for the trip to the store itself, we were very sad to find that they did not have any more meyer lemon dream cookies, but at least we found some Russell Stover's maple cream chocolate eggs on clearance at the 99 Cents Only Store.

Yesterday was Easter, so we had plans to go to Mom's house for dinner. The plan was for us to go there after church and wait for her and Steve and Celeste to show up later, because their wards meet later than ours. So what was our surprise when we walked into Mom's house and found Mom there! She stayed home from church because she injured her leg a week ago, and all her walking around on it made it bad enough to need a brace yesterday...or something like that. And so we got to visit with her while we waited for everybody else.

Other than that, the day was fairly uneventful. Well, sort of. We also went to a baptism. Our ward has been getting a lot of new members lately. But nothing really of note happened at the baptism, either.

After the baptism, Celeste arrived and we had dinner. I picked lemons for the lemonade! Tadah! I had a really hard time doing it, because I am so estranged from the world of fruit. First of all, since when did food grow on trees? Second of all, there was...stuff...on the lemons. Like dirt, and spider webs, and giant ants, and sometimes I was like, "Is it really okay to use this lemon, or is it going bad?" It probably wasn't going bad--just had some spider webby stuff on it or something--but how was I to know? I just picked them anyway, and figured if there was a problem, Mom would tell me to go get another one.

Then a strange series of events led to us watching Meet the Robinsons, which interesting experience. Of course, we love the movie, and I could tell that under normal circumstances, I still would have loved it, but it's very difficult to watch a movie when you can tell the rest of the audience isn't enjoying it. For a little while, I was like, "Wow, I must be, like, a genius or something, being able to tell people don't like a movie when they're not saying anything about it!" And then I was like, "Hey, genius (<--sarcasm), when a movie is a comedy and nobody's laughing, chances are they don't like it."

But to the credit of all involved, they made an effort to stay awake and enjoy it. Celeste seems like she would have enjoyed it, but she only stayed for the first few minutes because her friends were Doin' Stuff. Thinking on it now, I really wish she'd stayed, because she's the type of person whose mood is infectious, so her enjoyment of the movie may have spread to everyone else. Ah well. Hopefully next time we watch a movie, it will be something everyone enjoys.

Then we came home and watched Gals!, which was fun but triggered my Japan anxiety, and so after the stress of the weekend (there's also a table display issue that requires more explanation) and the not getting enough sleep due to unusual scheduling thingies, we decided to take a mental health day today. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the yummy-looking candy we got at Mom's house yesterday, the super adorable cat we saw on the way to Fresh & Easy, maple cream chocolate eggs, being ahead of schedule enough that we can afford to take a mental health day, and pita chips.
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