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Madoka Magica and the History Channel

I was thinking about waiting until we saw the end of Madoka Magica to write up a reaction post about it, but we're thinking we might have to stop watching it. It's true that it's not the only thing we watch that has a tendency to make us grumpy, but this one seems specifically designed to put its viewers in a dark place. We kept watching mainly to see if our theories about it were true, and to act like we were all smart when we were right. And frankly, that's a silly reason to keep watching something, and on top of that, now that we've seen episode eight and our theory has been proven correct, that knowledge does nothing to make us feel happy or better about life in general.

On the other hand, we tend to dislike stopping things in the middle. Also, there's still a possibility that the characters will stop being so self-centered, start making better decisions, and all bring about a happy, uplifting ending. But when they take you down so low, it really makes us wonder how interested they are in any uplifting. Anyway, my point is, if somebody who's seen the end of the series can vouch for it ending on a positive note or something, then we might keep watching it, but otherwise, we really probably ought to stop.

In other news, we got another letter from the History Channel Club, which has us extremely tempted to sign up. We get very excited about educational stuff, especially when it has to do with history, because all the really smart people we know are history buffs. Our main qualm about it is the fact that it's the History Channel...which we know is unfair, but we did see a few things on the History Channel where the show-makers seemed more interested in sensationalism than fact-checking.

Specifically, it was around Halloween and they had a special on all kinds of Halloween-related stuff, and we were really excited about them, because a few years earlier, they had had similar specials, and we learned a lot of really neat stuff. But this time, we watched several of them, and were very sad.

For example, they had one on monsters, like the ones from Greek mythology, and they were like, "The Greeks only thought these creatures existed because there are so many fossils in the area, and they were too backwards to realize that those were all dinosaurs." And we were like, "First of all, we don't like your, 'I'm better than people from thousands of years ago,' attitude. And second of all, isn't the dinosaur theory still just a theory?" Not that we don't believe in dinosaurs, just that we also believe in the possibility that a theory can be proven wrong.

Then there was the one on witches, which seemed a little harsh toward Judeo-Christians, and needlessly. And to the extent that they were obviously not doing all their research. The main thing we remember was how it talked about the Law of Moses very clearly condemns witchcraft, and yet the king of the Jews went to a witch to talk to the spirit of the prophet Samuel. And we were like, "First of all, we don't know that that was really Samuel's spirit--evil spirits are just as capable of lying as the rest of us. And second of all, why are you acting like 'obviously the Law of Moses was pointless anyway because even their king didn't obey it'? In case you hadn't noticed, Saul had gone mad by this time."

And since then, we stopped trusting the History Channel. But on the other hand, maybe the History Channel Club has different, more fact-checking types in charge. Also, those shows were on years ago, and maybe they've gotten better since then.

So we think we can at least check it out, since there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we finished our Classic Composers collection. So we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for not getting food poisoning, Steve being kind enough to take us to the grocery store, getting some chores done, the weather being a little warmer today, and having chocolate chip waffles to eat our ice cream with.
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