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As per our usual Thursday night habit, when we got home from the activity, we turned on Disney XD to have something to watch while eating our late dinner. Usually, we'd watch Mr. Young, because that's what was in that time slot. But this was the first time we had our regular Thursday night schedule in about a month, and apparently Disney XD has changed their programming. So last night, we watched Ultimate Spider-Man. It might be officially "The" Ultimate Spider-Man, but we don't know and we're too lazy to Google it.

Anyway, last night we watched the new Spider-Man cartoon for the first time. We'd seen a bunch of commercials for it, and they didn't really impress us, so we weren't expecting to like it very much, which was fine, because if we weren't interested in it, that just meant we could turn it off in the middle (once we finished eating) and have more time for Kingdom Hearts. But then we saw the prologue, and it was...not as annoying as the commercials led us to believe. In fact, it was kinda good. And then! we saw in the opening credits that Paul Dini was the creative consultant or something like that, and that's how we knew it was going to be a good show after all. And it was! Tadah! So if you have a chance, we recommend you check it out. Plus, Stan Lee's cameo is super awesome.

So that made us happy, and then we played Kingdom Hearts, which made us even more happy. After finishing up in Traverse Town, it was on to the next world, which was the Country of the Musketeers! Woohoo! We sort of knew already we'd be going there, because we'd seen a screen capture of Goofy in his Musketeer costume, but we didn't realize it would be so awesome.

First of all, it reminded us how much fun the Mickey and the Three Musketeers movie is. Of course, we were reminded the other day that it's actually the minority of people, apparently, that enjoy silly things made of happiness for kids, like the Chipmunk movies, so maybe it's not such a fun movie for everyone, but it was fun enough for the people that count for it to show up in Kingdom Hearts, and that's what really matters. It was just so great, because everywhere Sora or Riku went reminded us of some fun thing that happened in the movie. (Though to be honest, mostly we just kept remembering our favorite joke: "You must be this tall to survive this dungeon." And occasionally, "Donald, I don't understand a word you say." It's been a while since we've actually seen the movie.) Also, we got to hear Koichi Yamadera as Donald (Donald's not in the game so much otherwise), which makes us super happy, because we've heard him sing The Circle of Life, and we're apparently very susceptible to gap moe.

And! ...oh right, I haven't mentioned Reality Shift. Reality Shift is this thing you can do in the game. It's kind of like the reaction commands in KH2, but not...? It shifts reality, so, for example, you can take a Dream Eater and slingshot it at other Dream Eaters. Anyway, the Reality Shift for Country of the Musketeers is called Wonder Comic, and it puts Sora or Riku into a comic book! And you use the stylus to follow the action indicated in the comic pages, and there are sound effects written out when you succeed, like in a comic book. I guess you hadda be there. But trust me, it's fun. (Unless you don't know how to enjoy life.)

...And I think that covers it, but the point is, this world makes us ridiculously happy.

Today I'm thankful for getting a chance to watch Ultimate Spider-Man (we may have to look for more On Demand...assuming we're not playing Kingdom Hearts), the hope of buying more of those amazing lemon cookies, having a good time at Thursday Night Activity (my first one as a member of the TNA committee (okay, technically my second...that I went to...but it's the first one that counts)), getting to take home the extra candy from the egg hunt, and that super fun world in Kingdom Hearts.
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