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The cat is in my chair

We finished work early, so we're updating early, because that gives us more time for Kingdom Hearts! And it gives the cat more time to decide he's done sitting on Athena's lap. We might have to kick him off anyway, though, because actually we're expecting my visiting teacher at any moment! to come give us a ride to the pet store. In the long run, I think he'll be happy even if we do kick him off.

I didn't say anything about it yesterday because we weren't done with either of the Grid stories so we couldn't be sure, but they both worked really well for the whole Kingdom Hearts thing. Also, we were wondering if they were going to explain where Flynn came from if Tron was part of Ansem's computer system, or if they were just going to go the "it's all a dream anyway" route. They decided to explain how it worked (which only took a second or two), which made us happy. We also should have known they would do that, because Square-Enix is like that.

Then we went to Prankster's Paradise, which did indeed turn out to be Pleasure Island. But we played with Riku first, so we were like, "It is Pleasure Island...which apparently is now inside Monstro." It's not inside Monstro; it's just that that's where Riku goes (first?) in the Pinocchio world. One thing that was really awesome was that the Japanese voice of Gepetto sounds exactly like the original voice from the movie. It was uncanny!

After wandering around inside the whale for a while, it was time to switch over to Sora, and he actually went to Pleasure Island. We were really worried, because the mysterious black-coated boy has been messing with Sora's head, and we were afraid he would succumb to the temptation of Pleasure Island! Oooohhh noooo! But then we wondered if he would turn into a donkey and thought that would just be the cutest thing ever, so we were a little torn about it. Fortunately for Sora, the first person he ran into was Jiminy Cricket, who told him right away about the dangers of Pleasure Island, and then joined Sora in the search for Pinocchio, so he'll be there in case Sora needs a conscience.

We were pleasantly surprised that the music of Pleasure Island is not the creepy circus music we expected. Also, the carnival itself was much, much cleaner than it was in the movie. They did try to mess it up with paint splatters and stuff, but it's still...almost like Disneyland, really. ...Well, a dark, empty Disneyland, but still. There's also a cute little attraction that has little automated puppet shows! And you get to ride a roller coaster! It's fun.

Last night we were discussing the inbetween scenes with Lea and all the other ex-members of Organization XIII, and suddenly it occurred to us that Isa might be the "test subject" we vaguely remember being mentioned in an Ansem report back in KH1. We never thought much of it until Lea was like, "So dude, where's Isa?" So we were like, "Whoa." We also like how Square-Enix can take the smallest, most easily passed-over details and add deeper story elements to them, and still maintain the continuity of it all. Of course, we still don't know if we're right...

In the middle of this post, the phone rang and then Oreo took my chair. That's not important, but I wanted to mention it. Right now we're sharing the chair, and he's kicking me.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, my visiting teacher being kind enough to take us to the pet store, getting to by lots of yummy treats at the regular store, the 99 Cents Only Store having crunchy Reese's, and being done with this post so I can relinquish my chair to Oreo and have him stop kicking me.
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