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So...the problem(?) with being obsessed with a video game is that when you spend all your free time playing it, there's not a whole lot else to talk about. We did play an interesting game at Home Evening Group last night. Let's see if I can explain it without being too confusing.

One person thinks of a word, and reveals the first letter of that word. Everybody else tries to guess the word, but instead of just saying it, they ask a question. For example, if the word starts with A, you might think it's Aquarius, so you ask, "Is it a sign of the zodiac?" If the word-thinker guesses and says, "No, it's not Aquarius," then you just have to think of another question. But if the word-thinker doesn't know what you're thinking, and another player has an idea, they say, "Contact!" and count down from five. The word-thinker has until you get to zero to guess the word, but if s/he doesn't, you and the contact say the word at the same time. If you both say Aquarius, the word-thinker has to reveal the next letter of the word. If one of you says Aquarius and the other says Aries, then it doesn't count, and you have to think of another question, until finally somebody guesses the word (which can only be done through a contact).

See how complicated that is! It's pretty interesting, though. However, nothing particularly noteworthy happened during the game, so the instructions are all I have to talk about.

On the other hand, there's Kingdom Hearts. Yesterday and today we've been playing in the Grid...and mostly getting lost. The Grid is big and confusing. We were planning to just take some time to level up (proud mode...), but because we keep getting lost, we keep stumbling on plot points and advancing the story. We think. Maybe.

Anyway, as for the fact that the Grid is one of the worlds you visit...well, I guess we're mostly neutral. This time, of course, the story points are based on things that happen in Tron: Legacy, which by a fluke we happen to have seen...but we thought about it and realized that, despite having seen it, we really aren't quite sure what happened in it. But as we kept playing, we remembered more stuff.

...And I'm not sure what I wanted to say about that. The point is, I like the light-up costumes, so I'm a little happy to see both Sora and Riku there in the pretty light-up costumes.

Now back to the game!

Today I'm thankful for making it home in time to see Castle last night, interesting new games to play, getting to have chocolate last night, finishing our first draft of Deltora Quest, and having a little extra time for Kingdom Hearts today.
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