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Is it playtime yet?

Today has been a pretty laid-back day, but we're still in a rush because we haven't gotten to play Kingdom Hearts yet. We're working on Deltora Quest, so we spent half the (work)day translating and the other half reading the novels. We also got some little things done, like finding all our bill stubs for tax purposes! Woohoo!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I may have spoken too soon about Dream Drop Distance not being a "let's tell the movie again!" thing, but maybe I didn't. This game messes with your head. They tell you right at the beginning (well, after Traverse Town) that Sora and Riku each go to different versions of the same world, but in la Cite des Cloches, it was really hard not to play through a scene and think, "In the movie, that should have come first, so maybe I should have played as Sora first..." But then, thinking about the continuity, there are some things that just would not have ever happened in the right order if you'd alternated characters without using morning bells (the item that makes it so you don't switch characters as soon).

And then they killed Frollo twice, so obviously it's just different versions of the same world. But then the way Quasimodo is like, "I know. I was the one keeping my heart prisoner," to both Sora and Riku, it could almost have worked if he told one and then the other... And then I have to tell myself to stop it and not worry about playing in "the right order."

Also, the name Frollo sounds pretty funny in Japanese.

And now it's time to go play some more! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having time to read, also having time to play Kingdom Hearts, Page being very nice about sitting with people while they read, finding all the bill stubs I needed, and getting the War card in Legend Cards.
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