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The amount of Kingdom Hearts time we have had since the last time we posted is much smaller than we would have liked. For the most part, that's okay, because General Conference has been pretty awesome so far. Some really great stuff has been said, but the thing that stands out in my mind the most is when Jeffrey R. Holland said that envy is the mistake that keeps on giving, because if you insist on envying others, that means you have to suffer every time anything good happens to anybody you know.

The other reason we haven't had so much time to play Kingdom Hearts is that we actually had plans last night. Our home teacher decided that, instead of visiting us at home, he wanted to take us out to dinner. The implications that can be read into such a suggestion remain vague, because on the one hand, he insisted on paying for us, but on the other, he invited another female friend. As for how we feel about those implications, well, at the moment all we can say is we see a lot of room for improvement. And also that we have very little patience for metaphysics (to the extent that I cannot type it properly; every time I've tried so far, it's ended up with a Y in the T's place).

Anyway, the plans ended up taking extra long, due to technical difficulties that led to a much later departure, and also resulted in us not having any time to play Kingdom Hearts when we got back. We were sad. But dinner tasted good, and there was some interesting conversation.

And we did get to play a little bit before we left. So we went on to La Cite des Cloches (which is supposed to have some accent marks), where we met Esmeralda and Quasimodo and Phoebus and Frollo, and somehow they just seemed to fit into Kingdom Hearts very very well. We were just a little surprised because we never thought Kingdom Hearts would ever go to Hunchback of Notre Dame world. They've really nailed Frollo's personality; it's almost scary. And I really like Esmeralda's Japanese voice.

The storytelling style seems to have gone back to the way they were doing things in the first Kingdom Hearts, which is also super awesome. It's hard to explain the difference between KH1 and KH2, but I guess we'd describe it like KH1 (and 3D) are more like, "Here are some characters you know in the KH setting," while KH2 was more like, "Let's tell the movie again!" Birth by Sleep was kind of a combination of both storytelling styles, but the "Let's tell the movie again!" thing worked better because you saw it through the eyes of three different characters instead of just, "And the keyblade master just happens to be a part of it all!"

Anyway. We like Kingdom Hearts II a lot, but it's not perfect.

I also have to mention how amusing the whole Dream Eater breeding thing is. It's like Kingdom Hearts meets virtual pets! (I wanted to say Nintendogs, but we haven't played that either.)

And that's enough of that. Soon we have to decide if we want to watch our Saturday anime or get right back to Kingdom Hearts. Life's full of tough choices.

Today I'm thankful for two more awesome sessions of General Conference, having the opportunity to get instruction from prophets and apostles, being treated to dinner last night, endless breadsticks (we went to Olive Garden), and getting our chores done today.
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