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It's coming...!

Despite the fact that Athena's visiting teaching appointment for today just got canceled, our schedule is suddenly feeling very busy, and we're not digging it. Really, there are only two major issues with the schedule, and they're not even important...but they're the things we really want to do.

See, this morning, we got our 3DS, and boy is it shiny. Literally, even. We got the Aqua Blue model, and it's got a kind of metallic finish on it. So pretty... We were good and didn't open it until after work (which turned out to go a lot faster than we'd planned, thankfully), but now that we have opened it, we've discovered all the shiny things you can do with it! And that's even before our new Kingdom Hearts game gets here! The first thing the manual tells you to do is charge it, though, so right now we're just waiting. But despite our general apathy toward 3D (we were planning to keep it in 2D mode), we're kind of excited about the idea of taking 3D pictures of our kitties.

We ordered the 3DS with Kingdom Hearts 3D, but Play Asia decided to ship the items separately. We assumed this meant their first shipment of Dream Drop Distance was already spoken for by the time we finally pre-ordered it, and that we'd have to wait who-knows-how-long for the next shipment to arrive. We were okay with it, because we're still playing Kingdom Hearts the first, and it's looking like the Deltora Quest manga ends a lot sooner than we'd anticipated, so we're going to need to finish reading the novels.

But this morning, we got another shipping confirmation. And then FedEx called to tell us to expect a package tomorrow. And so we want to finish all our side things and get the 3DS set up so we can take the day off and spend all day tomorrow playing Kingdom Hearts, but there's so much stuff to do, and we have Skywalk with the ward tonight, and General Conference over the weekend (not that that would effect our ability to take tomorrow off, but we're not going to beat the game in one day), and and and... and oh well. We'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for work finishing quickly today, getting a shiny shiny 3DS, the new Kingdom Hearts game being on its way here, getting the books we were Watching for, and the prospect of taking 3D pictures of the kitties.
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