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Progress on organizing our manga is exactly zero since Monday, but we weren't planning on getting back to it until Saturday at the soonest anyway. Still, we felt the desire to take a picture of the current state of the bookcase and post it on LiveJournal.


The pink thing under the case is a cut of fleece that we bought one time as protection against the cold when going to Mickey's Halloween Party. It doesn't really go with the red Silly Girl costume, but we were under pressure when we bought it. There wasn't a good pink, but since the other Silly Girls had fleece to match their lighter colors, I didn't want to go with red, and there wasn't time to think! Aaah!

Anyway. It's there as a kind of safety device. It's propping up the bookshelf so it's leaning back against the wall, and therefore (hopefully) less prone to leaning forward onto the floor. We opted not to fasten the bookcase to the wall, mostly because we were told when we moved in that we're not supposed to put any holes in the wall, even for pictures (we're supposed to use adhesive hangers). Incidentally, the prop was my visiting teacher's idea.

The bottom shelf is full of Wildlife Explorer binders, and a set of china (in the box). Despite being well aware of the fact that it's important to have a solid base, the bottom shelves of our bookcases tend to be more empty than the higher ones. I think it's because we have it in our heads that you want to put the bigger books on the bottom, and we don't have that many bigger books. But in this case, we wanted to put the Wildlife Explorer binders there, because they've been sitting in boxes for a long time. Then we put the box with the china there because, even though it's not very heavy (it only has one place setting), it's something. (The other place settings are all in individual boxes, where we like to keep them because we know they're safe there.)

Lying horizontally on the third shelf are our Japanese Book of Mormons. We used to keep them on the dresser on the left side of the spare bedroom, but we have just now renamed that area "No Twins' Land." So we put them on the bookshelf because there's a path to the bookshelf. On the top shelf, you might be able to make out a Japanese copy of Berry Berry (volume two, the one with the pretty boys on the cover (not that you can see them)).

Other than that, it's all comp copies of manga. You may be able to make out that it's mostly Negima and Higurashi (in fact, we just added Higurashi 18 this morning). There may be a couple we didn't translate (earlier volumes of Me & My Brothers and Maid Sama!, for reference, so still technically comp copies, especially since they were complimentary), but the collection is exaggerated anyway, because we have multiple copies of almost everything. We have at least four copies of I Hate You♥ 5. On the other hand, the collection is understated, because it has almost nothing we did for TokyoPop, and we translated more than a hundred books for them. We think close to two hundred, actually, but we're not sure.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about all of this is that we realize we can fit hundreds of volumes of manga in the bookcase! You may notice that the shelves are pretty deep, so we can fit two rows of manga. We're thinking of doing a tiered thing so we can still see everything that's available. In the meantime, generally the back row is a copy of the front row.

As for why the top shelf is so high...that's just how it is. I was like, "Oh, so like if you want to put a TV there or something," and just thought it worked that way. We probably won't put a TV there, but we have some ideas.

And there you have it. We're still coming to terms with the idea of parting with our precious manga, but we are seriously considering sending them off to good homes. Or maybe selling them, to contribute to our concertina fund...

Today I'm thankful for finishing three chapters of Love Hina today, beating that boss in Legend Cards, the adorableness of Page (who is now squishing her face into the blanket on Athena's bed), having a bookcase that can fit hundreds of manga (with some creativity), and the adorableness of Oreo (who has been hanging out with the giant plush snake we keep in the spare bedroom).
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