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It is really not easy to think today. In Athena's case it's mostly due to stress, because she got put in charge of planning something, the likes of which she's never had to plan before. A ward member's father passed away, and his family needs food for the memorial brunch, so, as compassionate service committee leader, it was Athena's job to do something about it. In my case, I really don't know! Why can't I focus!? Aaaaahhh! (It might have something to do with having just discovered that Glen Keane left Disney.)

...Tomokazu Seki's voice is so pretty when he sings Go the Distance.

You see what I mean? We're easily distracted. ...Now excuse us while we take a short break to sing along. "Mitsukete miseru sa boooooku noooooo bashoooooo♪"

And then we had to take a little time out to discuss the grammatical placement of that "sa." Melody-wise, it goes with the "boku," but grammatically, it fits better with the "miseru." It could work grammatically with the boku, but that just seems weird to me. But Athena points out that I don't know what was going through the translator's head when they put it there (probably something like, "What can I put here to make sure there's enough syllables for all those notes?"), so...whatever, I guess. I had a comma after the sa, so the discussion was really about the proper placement of the comma, which I just removed, thus leaving it ambiguous. Tadah!

This has been a brief insight into what goes on behind the scenes of our Live Journal. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for Page being so cute on the monitor right now, my visiting teacher being kind enough to drive us home (our usual ride had left church early to go to the ward where her new niece was being blessed), the nice rainy weather, having fancy popcorn to look forward to later, and having time to read manga today.
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