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Not Saturday...?

We have had an extremely difficult time convincing ourselves that today is not, in fact Saturday. Even harder has been convincing ourselves that not only is it not Saturday, but it's not even Friday. It's just been one of those days, I guess. Maybe part of it is that we were very close to deciding to take a four-day weekend so as to play through the last case in Gyakuten Kenji 2 uninterrupted. But, sadly, despite the awesomeness of Gyakuten Kenji 2, playing nearly all text games in Japanese can occasionally be rather sleep-inducing. So we opted for a more variable schedule, and then ended up working anyway.

Now Athena is attempting to communicate with Oreo. He's acting a little unhappy, so she's saying, "If you're hungry, meow. If you want medicine, start eating paper." We think he might want to play... Hmmm... If only we spoke Cat...

Anyway, aside from work, today has been rather uneventful, so we will share this video just shared with us by chibidrunksanzo:
Official Spoiler Rules

Today I'm thankful for funny videos, having a light enough work schedule to take a couple days off if we want, getting to sleep in this morning, things that make Oreo happy (if only we knew what those were...), and official spoiler rules to keep us safe from spoilers.
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