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It seems to me that on the days when I really need help coming up with something to blog about, the writers' block questions are the most unhelpful. I mean, it's possible that some people have stories about how or when or why they memorized x digits of pi, but we're not among those people. On the other hand, we do remember something we heard secondhand...

This was back a looooooong time ago when people still had cassette tapes. We were just getting into Sailor Moon...or I guess we'd been into it for a little while, but we were still discovering all the different Sailor Moon things that were available. The search was led by our best friend from high school, James. He was always getting different things, including an official cassette drama.

I hardly remember any of what he told us about it, and I don't even remember if he translated it himself or if he found a translation online, but what I do remember is that all the sailor soldiers were making voice recordings for some contest. Usagi mentioned something about the wonderful Kotono Mitsuishi. And Ami's entire recording was her reciting pi. She said, "I know it to the x-th digit, but the tape only had enough room for y." I don't even remember the numbers, which makes me sad, but the gag is still amusing. And if you consider the fact that with cassette tapes, you can usually record for at least thirty minutes...

And there you have our random story about pi. We went to the store today; we should have gotten a pie. Apparently it's also French bread day, and we didn't get any baguettes, either. We did get chocolate-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels, though, and that's good enough for us.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels, fond memories of old Sailor Moon gags, being able to finish work by lunchtime, having plans to go to the temple on Saturday, and the yummy pita chips we just had for a snack.
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