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I'm sad. The TV Guide website told us that the 8:30 Danny Phantom was going to be a new episode, but it was a rerun, and the new episode is next week. It also said they were going to show an hour-long Danny Phantom after the 8:30 DP, so we were really hoping they'd show Reign Storm again, but they showed Jimmy Neutron instead. Oh well. It's not healthy to spend hours and hours in front of the TV anyway. Or so the TV commercials tell us.

We gave Oreo his first pill, and he doesn't hate us for it, which is nice. We went ahead and bought the special pill gun to help us get the pills down his throat. It was only like $3.50, so we figured why not. So we tried it, and it didn't work. Then Athena just stuck it down his throat with her fingers and he swallowed it no problem. Go figure.

Everyone seems a lot better now. More calm, less in pain. Except for Athena's hand from the scratches this morning, but that doesn't count. I still need to figure out what to do about our video problem, since we were watching something on...that player whose name I can't remember, and everything was still jumpy. I'm not going to mess with it now, though, because I already feel bad enough leaving the computer on overnight in an attempt to finish downloading episode 25 of Ueki no Housoku (93.0% and only one day left!).

And tomorrow is General Conference, which, if we can stay awake (we're so bad!), should be very good and uplifting. Now the key is to find some activity that will keep our hands moving without distracting our brains from the speakers. So far the best I got is kanji drills, but it would be neat to make something pretty. Too bad we don't have a calligraphy set.

And tonight I'm thankful for veterinarians, General Conference, cat carriers, logic, and Aladdin.
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