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I've been thinking that maybe on Sundays we should post something a little more spiritual, which is a little hard because I'm not really used to doing that specifically, but since I have something that would work today, I thought maybe I ought to just take the plunge. Especially because on the first Sunday of the month, we have testimony meeting, where people have the chance to get up and...bear testimony. That basically just means affirming that you know the gospel is true, and sometimes you can tell a story to go with it that might have strengthened that knowledge. A little thing happened during the month, and I thought about getting up in testimony meeting to talk about it, but I have a hard time organizing my thoughts, so I chickened out, and told myself that it was okay, as long as I talked about it on LiveJournal or something.

So here's what happened. It really was just a little thing. I had some time to just sit by myself and Think about stuff, and I don't even remember what I was thinking about, but suddenly I remembered the story about...okay, I don't remember the details exactly, so this is just a paraphrase, but basically, there was this guy who recently got called to an office in the church where he would be at church headquarters and having huge responsibilities and stuff. He was pretty intimidated by the whole thing on his first day at HQ, when he found himself in the elevator with Thomas S. Monson, who is the president of the church now. If we remember the story correctly, at the time the story took place, he wasn't the president of the church yet, but he was either an apostle or a counselor in the first presidency--he was up pretty high, anyway.

Anyway, this guy was very nervous about all his responsibilities and whether or not he could handle the new calling and stuff, and he was just staring at his shoes. That's when President Monson asked him what he was looking at, and he realized for the first time who he was in the elevator with. He didn't have an answer, and I don't remember if he tried to come up with one or not, but the point is, President Monson said to him, "It's better to look up."

At the time I remembered this story, we had been having a hard time with grumpiness, due in large part to constantly focusing on the things people do that make us upset. So the thought occurred to me that what I was doing was looking down on all these people, which was making me grumpy. But if I were to look up instead, at like role models and stuff, I would be much happier in general. And of course, the best role model of all is Jesus Christ, and if you think about it, He descended below them all, and so has looked up at all of us. And that means that there's something to look up to in everyone, and in order to follow Jesus's example (which is the only way to find true happiness), we need to find that something and focus on the positive, instead of dwelling on the negative.

We've been having a very difficult time putting this new theory into practice, however. But we're trying, and that's the important thing. We just need to keep remembering stuff like this, so we don't get stuck in the bog of negativity again.

Today I'm thankful for the adorableness of Miyu Irino singing "under the she," having finally finished Portal 2, certain game developments in Gyakuten Kenji 2, reminders to stay positive, and the great lessons we had in church today.
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