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We're back and better than ever! ...Or just back and as good as normal. Maybe a little better than normal, since Disneyland does tend to have a rejuvenating effect. During the day, I would occasionally remember that I need to report on our trip, but then I'd be like, "...Did we even do anything?"

Not really, but let's see if there's anything interesting hiding in my memories.

Let's see...we stayed at Gaston's place on Monday, then woke up early to go to Disneyland on Tuesday. We got off to a late start, which was made even later by a gas pump spilling gasoline on Gaston's pants before we left town. He had spare pants in the car, so we didn't have to smell the gasoline the entire ride down (about three hours), and then it became a source of amusement any time we saw someone smoking to suggest throwing the gas-doused pants on them. We can be such terrible sadists.

Anyway, we got to the parks and started in California Adventure, just in case there were still some free fast passes left to see World of Color. There weren't, but we discovered that the construction that resulted in so few fast passes last time (when we wanted to show World of Color to Celeste and Sarah) was to make a viewing area for people who didn't manage to get tickets, so it didn't turn out to be a huge problem. More on that later.

We did a bunch of stuff...there was a lot of wandering interspersed with the occasional ride, and a meal, and we left DCA and went to Disneyland...and wandered some more...and got frozen lemonade (with cherry shots!)...and hung out at our favorite Frontierland bridge. Did I ever talk about the backwards fish?

Okay, so there's this bridge in Frontierland over by Big Thunder Mountain, and on one side, there's Big Thunder, and on the other side, there's a little pond. The pond used to be part of the train ride that was Big Thunder's predecessor, which might be why you can see fish jumping in it--but they're not real fish. They're mechanical fish that will jump, then turn around and jump the other way. But one of the fish was broken, so it would jump, and then not turn around, and jump the other way, but backwards. The three of us got into the habit of hanging out at the bridge and watching that fish; to us, it was amusing beyond all reason. Especially because sometimes, it tried to turn around, so it would flip as it jumped! It was great!

But apparently all the backwards jumping and flipping has taken its toll, and now Backwards Fish has no tail. It doesn't even try to turn anymore. It just goes back and forward, and it's really very sad. So now we're hoping they fix it.

Then we wandered a little more, and went on all the rides in Adventureland (there are three, but I guess the Tiki Room doesn't count as a ride so much), and then we went through New Orleans Square and, for the first time in years, went on the non-holiday version of the Haunted Mansion. It was like a breath of fresh air to hear the original Ghost Host again. It's always so annoying to hear the new...okay, so for safety reasons, they had to hire someone to add some lines to the Ghost Host spiel, like, "Do not lower the safety bar, I will lower it for you," and stuff like that. And he sounds so angry about it, and we're like, "I didn't even touch it, calm down!"

...This rant sounds familiar. Maybe I have talked about this before. Anyway, my point is you don't have to be an angry ghost to be a scary one, and besides, anger is out of the Ghost Host's character. On the bright side, it sounds like they either redid the recording for the lady ghost at the end who tells you to hurry back, or they went back to the old recording, because she doesn't sound so smug anymore (or at least she didn't as I hurried to catch up with the rest of our group), which is very nice.

We went to the new restaurant that opened up on Main Street: the Jolly Holiday Bakery. It has sandwiches and stuff, but of course we were more interested in pastries (although the grilled cheese sandwiches that go with the Jolly Holiday combo (grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup) looked really good). We each got a chocolate Mickey-shaped tart...which seems like a bit of a misnomer, because the tart was not tart at all, but in fact rather sweet. It was really good, but I didn't think to take a picture of it until it was too late.

After dessert (eh heh), we went on Star Tours, where we tried our scheme for getting chosen as the rebel spy (go to the cast member who's telling you what row to line up in (who we're pretty sure is in charge of choosing the spy), moving your fingers as in the Jedi mind trick, and saying, "I'm not a rebel spy"). It didn't work, but Athena suspects that's because there was a brief act of heroism performed before our flight took off. Someone from the previous flight had accidentally left their jacket, and it may be that the person chosen as the spy was the one who found it under his seat (Athena says it was either him or the guy sitting next to him, or she's completely wrong).

There wasn't much time left, so we went back to California Adventure for World of Color. As mentioned before, there's now an area in the very back for people who didn't manage to get fast passes, and that's where we ended up. Tadah!

While we waited for the show to start, we got into a fight about the new dragon in Fantasmic!. We don't normally get adamant when arguing with Gaston, because we usually don't know/care enough to come up with valid arguments, but Fantasmic! is something we refuse to back down on. See, Gaston likes things to be new and not stay the same all the time, but we're more of the opinion that if you're going to change something, it better darn well be better, and why mess with a good thing otherwise? So Gaston really likes the new dragon, and when we said we didn't care for it, he suggested perhaps we needed to see it up close. When we told him we were in the front section of the audience, he suggested maybe we needed to see it from a better angle, but as we were also in the center section, that argument didn't work, either. And so he stop talking, and we took that as a, "We'll just agree to disagree." But since this is our LiveJournal, I'm going to say it again: The old dragon was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Not that there was no room for improvement, have to actually improve it.

The show started, but I spent part of the overture going back and forth trying to communicate between the cast members in charge of the ticketed area and our group, because we had a small faction who was very unhappy with being so far back (and especially with having a tree and a lightpost in the way), and I was the only one with the guts to go ask the cast members for help improving the situation. (Athena says, "In my defense, I didn't care.") I probably wouldn't have been so upset about it except that one, I had a headache, and two, the overture is really the best part of the show.

Then the show ended, and we waited and waited and waited for people to clear out so we could leave without being stuck in a massive human traffic jam. We also got to talk to one of the helpful cast members from earlier (she was the one who told us we didn't need tickets to stand in the back), who told us about how they had canceled the show the day before because of the heavy rain, which just goes to show how bad the storm was because one time, they showed it in the fog. You couldn't see anything through the mist, but the show went on! We were amused.

After a little window shopping at the World of Disney Store, we went to our hotel, which was kind of neat, because it was an apartment complex turned into part-hotel. Our room was just like a normal hotel room, and the first thing Gaston did when we got there was turn on the TV, but it didn't work, so after the people in charge realized they wouldn't be able to fix it until the next morning, they gave us a different room, which definitely used to be a one-room apartment. Only now it was kind of like a miniature suite, with two bedrooms and a kitchen! We liked it a lot, and we're pretty sure it wasn't haunted. (We had some misgivings, mostly because the night before, at Gaston's house, I woke up feeling like I had been punched in the stomach, and for some reason that made me think about ghosts. Also, we had been on the Haunted Mansion.)

That's enough for today. I still have to talk about Leap Day, but that can wait.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Disneyland again, getting to chat with friendly cast members, chocolate tarts, getting to go on Indiana Jones, and frozen lemonade with a shot of cherry.
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