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No-Talent Show

We both felt a little battered and bruised when we woke up this morning. It's probably because we bought a lot of groceries yesterday and still insisted on carrying them all up to our apartment in one trip, but I like to think it also had something to do with the talent show. Not that it turned out that badly, just that it's more fun and dramatic to pretend the talent show was like a video game boss, and we failed to defeat it. I also like to think of it as one of those battles where the badguy totally destroys you, but you still don't get game over, because that's how the story's supposed to go.

Anyway, yesterday was the talent show, and we had both signed up. Athena played her tin whistle, and I played the piano, and despite all our practicing, we just couldn't overcome the nerves. In Athena's case, the nerves were detrimental in that they prevented breathing, and of course what's the one thing you need to be able to do to play a tin whistle? Breathe, of course. In my case, as usual, the nerves prevented proper control of my fingers, and so, despite the fact that I had played the piece really really really well just a few minutes earlier (we arrived early so I could practice on one of the church pianos), when it came to the actual performance, I played worse than I'd played all week.

And so we felt defeated.

Fortunately, our acts were early on, so there was plenty of time for people to forget all about them. Unfortunately, one of the reasons I wanted to be in the talent show to begin with was to do something awesome and memorable. Then again, I don't want to be remembered for making everyone want to gouge their ears out. Of course, it wasn't that bad, and we even had people compliment us afterwards! But also of course, we rarely trust compliments. We graciously accepted them, but they did nothing to improve the feeling of defeat. Except for one girl, who said she's a total brat and would Not compliment someone unless she felt like they really deserved it, and since we sincerely complimented her and she was like, "Are you kidding? I was terrible!", we're inclined to believe her.

There were some really good acts, and there were some acts that had us going, "Now this could really use a director." One guy played a tuba, and one guy apparently is a professional performance poet (or whatever they're called), and there was some fun dancing and singing. It would have been a pretty fun night overall, except for the failure and the fact that we tend to get bored at talent shows. We only have so much patience for a random tossing together of entertainment with little to no continuity (that's a big part of why we prefer Fantasmic! to World of Color).

After our defeat, we decided that what we need is to practice playing our instruments in public, like in La Corda d'Oro. In the video game, the idea is to become a good violinist (and find romance, of course), and one of the requirements is to go find a bunch of people to play in front of to get experience and bravo points (which you use to buy items that will either help you become a better violinist or find romance). The really fun thing about it is that, since the game takes place at a music school, you can find other people to play in an ensemble, which is really the whole reason I'm bringing this up.

Because my musical instrument is a piano, and you can't just carry pianos around...unless you live in the world of Corda, because the pianists at the school somehow manage to carry pianos around with Raiel in the Violinist of Hameln! That's a fun series. But anyway, since I can't really carry a piano around with me, we're going to have to figure out something else, but in the meantime, we can still have fun with Athena's tin whistle, and maybe we'll get a concertina after all. ...I wonder if we can get a roll-up keyboard like the one Ren has in Skip Beat!...

Today I'm thankful for the talent show not going too terribly, the amusingness of the idea of people carrying around pianos, getting our chores done today, Tomokazu Seki singing Go The Distance, and Miyu Irino singing Under The Sea.
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