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Today we had a shocking realization! (That turned out not to be shocking at all, so don't get your hopes up.) We haven't finished the Love Hina omnibus yet, but we got another assignment that they want us to turn in yesterday if at all possible (they didn't say that; we're paraphrasing), so we decided to finish up our first draft of Love Hina (we had a chapter and four pages left on the third volume) and get to work! (It's not a new assignment (in fact it's a pretty old one), but we haven't seen anything about this part of it online or anything, so we figure it's safest to keep quiet about it.)

Also, not really importantly, we had to go to the store to get refreshments for Home Evening Group, so we decided to make the most of it and pick up a pizza for lunch while we were out and about. It was while we were getting ready to go that we were like, "Wait... you mean we're going to go out to lunch (sort of) and then work on something that's not Love Hina? That doesn't make any sense!"

And that was our shocking realization! Tadah! It's always kind of weird to be working on something for more than a week and then have to shift gears. I guess it doesn't really help that we listened to nothing but Love Hina CDs all last week. It just goes to show how deeply we immerse ourselves in our work.

...Though on the other hand, as pointed out last week, we can still put a book down without a second thought as soon as quittin' time comes around, regardless of how dramatic or suspenseful a scene we're working on.

Anyway, more importantly, we got an email from CD Japan last night telling us they shipped our order! Eeeeeeeeee!!! The CD we wanted doesn't even come out for two days!! (Well, one in Japan now.) ...And there's not really much more to say about that except ♥♥♥♥♥.

Today I'm thankful for shipping confirmation from CD Japan, finally getting back to this series after a year or so, the super yummy cookies from the fireside last night (which, Athena was informed not once but twice, were apparently made from a mix), getting to watch the end of Muppet Treasure Island despite our ride (to the fireside) showing up right in the middle of "Love Led Us Here," and being done with our first draft of the Love Hina omnibus.
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