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So I was going to write a little about our miniature golf game yesterday. It's not like it was an especially eventful game or anything, just that there was some stuff I thought I might want to remember.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but one of the big mini golf places here in town is called Blackbeard's, and obviously it has a pirate theme. It actually has three different themed courses, but the inside of the main building is pirate themed, and one of the courses is pirate themed. The other courses are storybook themed and Western themed, so it's like Fantasyland, Frontierland, and pirates. The pirate course has a haunted house hole, so I guess you could say it's like New Orleans Square, but they don't play the Haunted Mansion theme at the haunted house hole like how they play Yo-Ho Yo-Ho at a different hole. The storybook course plays It's A Small World at the castle hole, which doesn't really make sense, because Small World is a clock, not a castle,'s not really important.

Anyway, we went with Steve, Sarah, Scott, Kimee, and Logan (who didn't play), and when asked which course we wanted to play, Kimee said either pirates or storybook. We played the storybook course last time we went, so we wanted to play a different one, and pirates was the winner! Tadah!

Soon after we got started, we tried to make conversation by saying, "Can you believe it? Jeopardy! told us that Blackbeard actually died off the coast of North Carolina!" Steve replied, "Yeah," in the tone that says, "Doesn't everybody know that?" and added, "Where did you think he died?"

"At the Fountain of Youth!" we replied, in a tone that said, "How can you even ask me that?"

And then we were sad that nobody got our joke. But Sarah tried to reconcile both ideas by saying, "Maybe the Fountain of Youth is in North Carolina," to which Athena responded, "No, it's in Florida; everyone knows that." ...We amuse ourselves, at least.

After that the conversation turned to the game, mostly, and so wasn't exactly riveting (mini golf rarely is), but it was a pretty good time. The course was pretty spiffy-looking, though. We even got to see the backside of water! And, we won! We got the highest and second-highest scores! Tadah!

Then we went to dinner at IHOP, and then we came home and played more Gyakuten Kenji, which was ♥ful.

Today I'm thankful for the ability to amuse ourselves with silly jokes (when Jeopardy! aired that clue, Athena replied, "You mean the movie was wrong!?"; then she said, "No wait, let me try that again. You mean...Jeopardy! is wrong!?" XD), having time to watch Muppet Treasure Island Today (it's our Muppet Treasure Island 16th anniversary; 1996 was the year Athena remembered dates (May 16th was the day we went on the Indiana Jones ride for the first time)), the ability to remember obscure dates, neat pirate-themed mini golf courses, and getting to sing a very pretty song in the choir today.
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