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(I didn't mean to post this so late, but we got interrupted in the middle of it and went miniature golfing.)

Well, we went to the talent show tryouts yesterday and discovered that, as expected, it was a pretty low-pressure environment. Some of the people running the event were making up scenarios like, "But I don't have a talent!" "You're in!"

Also, no one was there, so I ended up trying out anyway. And, *gasp!*, I'm in. Tadah! I also discovered once again that when you practice a piece on a piano that makes no sound when you press the low C sharp, it's very disconcerting to hear a sound when you get to that part in the music on a different piano.

Anyway, yesterday, we watched the Beauty and the Beast episode of Once Upon A Time, and we have some things to say about it. First, there are the usual complaints about characters and inconsistency. They reminded us twice in that episode that all Stiltzy has to do when he wants something from Regina is to say please, so why the heck couldn't he just say, "You know what I want. Give it to me, please."? We might buy an explanation about how he was so distraught over what happened with Beauty (I call her Beauty because I want to differentiate between her and the one from the Disney movie) that he vowed never to use his powers in relation to her again, but since they didn't explain that, we're left to wonder why. Why would he give Regina any kind of power over him?

Second, it took a while for me to get over myself for this episode, but after I did I realized it was mostly pretty good. But I still wanted to say something about Beauty's reason for leaving home to be Stiltzy's prisoner. He asks her why she did it and she said, "I wanted to do something brave." And you know, that's fine, but I kind of hoped she did it at least partly because she actually cared about her friends and family and didn't want them to die. The way it was presented was like, "No, I don't actually care about anybody; I just wanted to look cool for my own satisfaction." It hit a nerve, because I hate it so much when people are obsessed with image. Now, if she had been a little...I don't know, apologetic or something about it, like, "Well, I wish I could say it was because I care about my family, but the truth is..." That would have been good, but the way it came across was more like, "I want to be cool! Yay me!"

Still! unlike most of the characters in this show, Beauty actually made good decisions. This is how we realized why this show bothers us so much--almost every character is constantly making bad decisions. It's more than a little aggravating. Emma started making good decisions, so we started to like her, which brings up another interesting thing we noticed about the show...or rather, about the people we know who like it.

We were talking to some friends about the show and it came out that it bothers us, and they were all like, "What!? Why!?" And we were like, "Well, the characters really get on our nerves. We're starting to like Emma, though." And they immediately said, "The problem with Emma is that her face is made so that she always looks like she's frowning." In that same conversation, the only other comment we remember where they mentioned something specific about what they like was, "Riding Hood looks so good in her fairy tale costume!"

We were thinking about it (or Athena was), and she remembered another conversation, this time with a different friend, where the only specific comment about what that friend liked in the show was, "It has the girl from that Johnny Cash movie, and she's got this cute pixie haircut." When we remembered that, we started to wonder--is it all about looks? Is that why people like this show despite the (seeming?) continuity problems and characters that constantly make bad decisions? Because they're pretty?

That being the case, if anybody would like to explain to us what makes the show so great, we're very interested to find out.

Aaanyway. After that, we played Gyakuten Kenji 2, which was awesome, because that game is made of ♥. I think I'll wait to talk about the miniature golf tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for the super awesomeness of Gyakuten Kenji 2 (we only played the first chapter so far, but it's so intense!), getting to go miniature golfing and then to dinner, having a little bit of extra time for more Gyakuten Kenji today, the fun punny names of the Gyakuten series, and finally remembering to look up "boutoku."
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