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We seem to always put Love Hina down during the most dramatic/emotional scenes. It just goes to show how much energy the series takes to translate that we don't even want to translate those last four pages to get to the end of the chapter. Not that we're not invested in the story, of course. Just that quittin' time's quittin' time.

In other news, tonight are the tryouts for the quad-stake YSA talent show! Tadah! Only by "tryouts," I think they just mean, "we want to make sure nobody's planning anything inappropriate," although I suppose it's possible that they'd tell people, "I'm sorry, your piano playing is so bad it would be inappropriate to let you onstage." ...But not likely.

When they first announced the talent show, as with any other time a talent show gets announced, we thought, "Yay! Talent show! Now we get a chance to show people we can do cool stuff!" And, as with other talent shows, the time approaches and we're still undecided about what to do, to the point that we're like, "Whatever, it's too much effort! Forget the whole thing! It's not like anyone cares, anyway!" Because let's be honest--we want to be in the show for the attention.

Last time there was a talent show, we ended up joining the program at the last minute, and we got a little bit of attention out of it, but not much. And since there were only about five acts, it's not like we were lost in the shuffle. That and my stage fright have me more than a little reluctant to sign up again.

On the other hand, when the announcement for tryouts was made, the announcer asked for people to raise their hands if they were planning to try out, and we raised our hands. So I guess we ought to at least go and check out the tryout situation. If they have a bunch of people trying out, then we can say, "Well, it looks like you won't be needing us after all," and just shuffle out the door!

...If only we'd been more on top of things, we might have taken some time to write a clever skit. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for quittin' time, having a pretty fun time talking with people last night at the ward dinner, finally getting some info about our missing payment, the ability to enjoy our talents in the comfort of our own home, and having plans to finally start playing Gyakuten Kenji 2 tonight.
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