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Last night was...pretty much what we expected. We went to our friend's house for her SAD Day party, and...okay, so we didn't expect her to choose Kaleido Star over Fruits Basket, but I guess it makes sense because we didn't tell her the plot of Fruits Basket. We really just didn't want to bother. There's a pretty easy way to sum it up, but that spoils the big surprise at the end of the first episode, so then you have to remember how to summarize it without going into that, and we didn't want to bother. So we told her it's complicated, but we only know one person who didn't like it, and he was determined not to.

On the other hand, we told her that Kaleido Star is about a girl who wants to join Cirque du Soleil, only it's not called that because it's a fictional series. Having some idea of the story may or may not have been why she picked Kaleido Star, or maybe Tohru's eyes were too big for her. Or maybe she really didn't want to watch anything romantic on SAD Day (which is why I felt a little awkward when I remembered that the second episode goes into Romeo and Juliet type stuff), or maybe she didn't really want to watch any of it, but was just trying to humor us. She's a people-pleaser.

But then the charm of Kaleido Star got to her, and at some point around the second episode she said, "I like this!" So that was good, and then our Fearless Leader from Home Evening Group showed up and handed us each a pair of roses. It's gestures like that that make us appreciate Valentine's Day, even though we're extremely single. Without them, we just ignore it (and sometimes crave Reese's miniatures). Come to think of it, today would have been a good day to go to the store and see if they have Valentine's chocolate on clearance... Oh well. We got plenty of work done instead, which is very good.

Speaking of today, we had to do laundry, which was annoying, but we make the best of it by using the half-hour interval when we have to watch the clock while our clothes are in the washer as an excuse to watch an episode of anime. Normally, we would have watched Chihayafuru (and we might do that when we're done posting), but Anime News Network mentioned that Madoka Magica would be playing on Crunchyroll as of today. I guess since it came out on DVD yesterday, they're using Crunchyroll for publicity.

Anyway, that was perfect for us, because we've been wondering what all the fuss is about. So we watched it! Ha! And so far, it's pretty average. I must admit, Yuki Kajiura writes some very compelling music. Other than that, I felt like I was waiting for something to happen the whole time, even when stuff was happening. But that's probably just a first episode thing, and I think the same thing happened with the first episode of Tiger & Bunny. So we'll see how we feel about it when more episodes become available.

Today I'm thankful for mostly finishing our first draft of Love Hina 11 today (that one gets pretty intense toward the end), getting to watch Madoka Magica without having to renew our Netflix subscription, everybody enjoying Kaleido Star last night, Fearless Leader being kind enough to bring us roses (they still had thorns, but they were blunt), and having fun stuff to do while our laundry is in the machines.
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