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Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you all see Google's Valentine's Day video? It's sooooooo cute!!

Anyway, we spent today translating Love Hina, which I think is kind of an appropriate thing to do for Valentine's Day...not that we would have changed our plans had we been translating something less appropriate, like, say, Higurashi. (Though Higurashi can be kind of Valentine's-ish in its own twisted sort of way.) We even got our CDs yesterday so we got to listen to Love Hina music, too! Tadah!

Actually, we're a little frustrated about this evening, for mostly selfish reasons. We finally, finally, finally did everything in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, so we should get to finally, finally, finally start Gyakuten Kenji 2...except we won't have time tonight, because we're going to our friend's SAD Day party. (We decided we like to call it SAD Day, because it's redundant.)

On the bright side, it's going to be a very small gathering, which means there's a high possibility of convincing people to watch anime! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!

We're thinking we'll try Fruits Basket, since that's the one that everybody falls in love with. We're also going to bring Kaleido Star, in case having something as romantic as Fruits Basket (we know it's not that romantic, but it has its elements; Kaleido Star does too, but it's less about relationships than FB is) would be looked down upon at something such as a SAD Day party. So while I'm sad about not getting to start something new, it is kind of exciting to think about watching either of those sparkly anime series again.

Today I'm thankful for the hope of starting a new video game sometime very soon, getting to listen to fun Love Hina songs while working on Love Hina, amusing kitty hijinks, our home teacher bringing us cookies for V Day, and amusing ourselves with redundancies.
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