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Today turned out to be much less productive than originally planned. ...Or just less productive. We were already planning for today to be less productive than normal, our excuse being that we still didn't have Love Hina CDs to listen to while translating Love Hina, and we're pretty sure we can still make our deadline anyway.

We also planned to take part of the day off, because we wanted some time to play video games. We opened something up in Tactics Advance 2 that calls itself The Final Quest, and after all those ridiculous hours we put in trying to get 100%, something called The Final Quest gave us a lot of hope that we were just about there. Normally, we'd just finish it up during our normal gaming time, but we have Home Evening Group tonight, and a Singles Awareness Party tomorrow night. So we decided we just couldn't wait that long, and we finished the quest this afternoon! Ha! ...And after we finally beat the ridiculously hard quest, it just took us straight to the credits with no fanfare or anything. (Okay, so I think they played the "Quest Complete!" fanfare, but that was it.) So we were a little disappointed. Now we still have to beat the game again to see if you get a special ending for doing all the quests.

Anyway. Today also turned out to be less productive because we had plans to go to IHOP with Celeste and Sarah. They've got chicken & waffles, and we wanted some! We made the happy discovery that IHOP offers real honey to eat with your chicken (upon request). And not just honey sauce, either! Real, genuine honey! Sweet! (pun intended, heh heh)

Aaaand we got distracted trying to figure out Facebook long enough to play some Disney Parks sweepstakes. We failed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to IHOP with Celeste and Sarah, real honey to eat with chicken and waffles (but with the waffles, we used maple syrup), finally finishing that Final Quest, the pretty forget-me-not necklaces Mom got for us on Etsy, and getting a whole chapter of Love Hina translated despite our slacking.
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