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It's kind of interesting that the Writer's Block question for today is on developing a positive attitude, because just last night, we were like, "Whoa, we seriously need to start being more positive."

And then we watched the latest episode of Chihayafuru, in which Chihaya (as usual) was a shining example of positive attitude. So Chihaya was up against this woman who is very cute, so she can't contain herself and blurts out, "You're so cute!" and the woman replies, "I know." And Chihaya's like, "Oh, she knows. Okay." And she's still just very impressed at the woman's cuteness, despite the woman's obvious vanity. We saw it, and we thought, "That's how to have a positive attitude: don't let the little stuff bug you so much."

Unfortunately for us, we're nowhere near Chihaya's level of awesome, and we probably wouldn't have maintained a positive attitude in that situation, but in the meantime, we can be cheered up by getting to watch a fun show, and focus on that instead of all the stuff that's been making us grumpy. I think part of the problem is we've convinced ourselves that the grumpy-makers are so pervasive that even if we were to do something that would normally make us happy, that happy-maker would just remind us of the grumpy-makers to the point where it would only make things worse. And so we do nothing.

But again, Chihayafuru is a good example of why we shouldn't let that attitude get to us, because...well, because subtitles are often included in the grumpy-makers. We really need to get over ourselves. Lately the subtitle thing has been a little worse, for reasons we don't really want to go into. But the point is, the content of Chihayafuru is happy-making enough (now that the main guys have stopped driving us nuts) that we forget all about our subtitle grumpiness! Yay!

Okay, I'm done rambling now. Today I'm thankful for getting to watch happy-making anime, finding those two quests in FFTA2 without taking up too much time, the bathtub drain not being clogged, reminders to stay positive, and Hurdy finally being a master bard.
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