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Today is a stressful day, mostly because I hate doing things unless I know exactly how to do them. This is why it takes me so long to force myself to work on costumes.

Anyway, today we had to figure out how to get Oreo to the vet. It wasn't all that hard, really, but it involved a lot of calling people, which, to me, is the worst way of figuring anything out, because you risk sounding very stupid. It doesn't help that my brain doesn't work quite as well when I'm on the phone.

I actually think it's much better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake, but I'm afraid of people and I never know who might disagree. Oreo has an appointment for tomorrow, and we have someone who will drive us, which are all very good, but I'm still suffering from the anxiety I always get after calling people.

In an unrelated topic, does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here? For some reason, all our anime insists on staying pixelated and choppy when we watch it, even though I downloaded and installed WMP9 (maybe I need 8?), DivX, and FFDShow. One of our episodes is having sound issues, too, but that might just be because we keep pausing and unpausing it.
Tags: computer issues, kitties, social anxiety

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