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Today we had really, really pretty weather. It was the type of weather that almost made me think, "Hmm, maybe we should, like, go outside more often." We have a park really nearby, and our apartment complex boasts an "enchanting, park-like setting" (seriously, the grounds are very pretty), and yet...we just can't stand the idea of going outside for the sake of going outside. All the stuff we have to do is inside, after all.

There is stuff that we could take outside, but first we'd have to find a comfortable place to sit, and then the sun might make it hard to read/see the DS screen...and if it's windy, just forget it. It's not really windy today, though.

Anyway...we're making good progress on Love Hina, but we're kind of hesitant to work too fast on it. I mean, of course we want to turn it in way ahead of deadline, but the problem! is that we ordered Love Hina CDs from RightStuf! yesterday, and if they don't arrive before we finish this omnibus, there would be almost no point in getting them. We ordered them specifically for something to listen to while working on Love Hina! I do remember liking all the Love Hina songs, so it wouldn't be a total bust, but still. Of course, we could listen to them while working on Negima!, but apparently that's ending, too. Sigh. I hope they come soon.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work a little early today, making apparently good progress through that tower in Tactics Advance 2, the beautiful weather outside today, mozzarella Cheez-its being on sale yesterday, and getting to try Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.
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