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Ken Akamatsu: writing tsundere before it was cool

Love Hina volumes sure take a long time to get warmed up. They always start with Naru or Keitaro moping about their feelings. They're fun once things start happening, but we did spend lunchtime lamenting the fact that everything in our lives lately involves taking forever to get nowhere. (We're having similar problems with Tactics Advance 2. Sometimes, we think we really should just put it down and move on to something else, but...but...)

One thing I'm really learning lately is that I only have so much patience for tsundere. It's fine in its place. I mean, Chisame is among our favorite Negima! characters, and there's this one Saiyuki CD with a mini-drama where Hakkai makes Goku pretend he's a waiter at a tsundere cafe, and that is a very moe-ful performance. But when it's the only thing going on, it gets tiresome. That's actually why...

I have a confession to make. We don't care for Maid Sama!. I mean, we like all the characters pretty well, except for Misaki because we really do get tired of the tsundere (but she does have her good points). But it's so much harder to deal with the same tsundere happenings over and over and over when we have to translate them. It's always the same monologues about how "I like him but I don't want to admit it," but they're all worded differently, so we can't just copy and paste!

On the other hand, there's kind of a lot of tsundere in I Hate You More Than Anyone, come to think of it. I guess it's just in how it's done, then. Kazuha and Senko both had other things to think about then "I like him but I don't want to admit it."

Anyway. After two chapters of Naru being wishy-washy about Keitaro, stuff's happening, so we're okay now. Don't worry, Love Hina fans; we're still doing our best, even if we get impatient with the main couple sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for stuff happening in Love Hina, work going pretty smoothly today, the pretty new leaves on the tree outside our window, getting to order three Love Hina CDs from RightStuf! for a total of $15 plus shipping, and the amazing sculptures we saw on Andreas Deja's blog this morning.
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