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Time warp(?)

We ended up with another day off today! I had vaguely intended to get some more photos uploaded, but only in the, "We should have plenty of time today. Maybe we'll upload some more photos."

But then we ended up spending like two and a half hours playing Portal 2. It's not even one of those, "This game is so fun! I should be careful not to get addicted...oh no where did all the time go!?" kind of things. We want to finish it so we can be done with it and never worry about it again. I kind of feel bad saying that, because it was a gift, but it's true, and it's not because it's a badly made game. It's because, as mentioned before, it really does make us nauseous, but we want to finish it, and it constantly seems to be saying, "You're almost there! You're almost done!" But of course you never are.

I really think the music in the game, combined with the visuals and the first-person-ness, adds to the motion sickness, so after recovering some with some ginger snaps and Wheat Thins, we played my favorite track from Tangled: Kingdom Dance! It's the Celtic-y music they play when Rapunzel and Rider are enjoying the festival. But these days whenever we listen to it, it's always like, "Aaah, I love that music. But Celtic? Really? Rapunzel is totally German!"

I really need to do like they say in the theme song to MST3K: "Just say to yourself 'It's just a show. I should really just relax.'" It's fantasy. It can have whatever style of music it wants. And besides, it gives Athena a cool thing to play on her whistle. The problem is, we get these wild theories that all the stuff Disney is doing these days is done to conform to the narrow tastes of whoever's in charge (the Tinker Bell movies feature Celtic music, too), and I feel like Disney won't be able to improve unless they can break out of that narrow field. Sigh.

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for a quick recovery from motion sickness (I guess the ginger helps a lot more when it's not combined with cloves (cloves are a lesser enemy than onions, but still an enemy)), the Kingdom Dance track from the Tangled soundtrack, having another day off today, Page adorably following us around today (she just "accidentally" turned on a CD; she must have a thing for opera), and the arch being just about gone from Oreo's walk.
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