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We did it! We finally uploaded some pictures!

These are from our Disneyland trip back in September!

First, we got some pictures from Star Tours, because it was shiny and new. Starting with this shiny new Starspeeder!
(All the Starspeeders are shiny and new now, because even though the subtitle is "the adventure continues," this ride is going back in time to when Star Tours just recently opened.)

I don't know what job this droid has, but back in the future, this is the same model as the pilot.
In "the adventure continues," the pilot droids are big buff guys. (Actually short guys, but also big and buff. Just not tall.)

I just took pictures of whatever caught my eye.

This guy!
is hilarious. He's the security droid, I guess. See the monitor behind him? That's an infrared scanner of all the guests in line. If you wave, your infrared image will wave back at you! The droid keeps up a conversation with himself to keep guests entertained while in line. Our favorite joke of his is, "You should know, the wait from this point is 75 minutes. ...Ah ha ha! I'm just kidding. You should see the looks on your faces! It's just around the corner." It's especially sadistic when you consider the fact that the guests have probably already been waiting in for about an hour.

As you can see,
They don't tell you why flight glasses are required, but I can tell you from experience taking them off, that if you don't wear them, you get double vision. I don't know why being inside a Starspeeder would give you double vision, though. Kinda makes you think twice about space flight. (Also, this photo would be a slightly useful reference in deciphering the fancy space font, if only my hand were steady enough to get a non-blurry shot.)

Speaking of flight glasses,
Maybe the requirement was made by the fashion police!

Of course I didn't take any picture of the actual ride. That would have bothered the other guests, and I can assure you they would have come out terribly. But I did get a picture of the fastpass droids.

Moving on, this picture was taken from a Matterhorn bobsled, soon before ascending the mountain for an exhilarating...race...down...darnit, I wanted to quote the ride spiel, but I just don't go around memorizing ride spiels. Shocking, I know.
Anyway, the point is, we saw this adorable plush representation of the abominable snowman hanging out in the control room. That's not what he looks like in the ride, by the way XD (He's bigger and scarier, with flashing red eyes! And, just because it's neat trivia, his name is Harold. True fact. (Or so past Matterhorn cast members would have us believe.))

Too shy to wait in line to talk to the happy couple, we snuck a photo of Cinderella and Prince Charming from a distance.
It always makes us happy to see princes wandering the park. Except when we see Philip in the weird top hat. We have no idea what's up with that. Where did the top hat come from? And why does have hot pink stripes? It doesn't make any sense! ...Maybe if we ever see him in person (so far we've only seen the weird top hat (which is weird because it exists, not because it's an especially unusual top hat) in photos), we'll work up the nerve to wait in line and ask him about it.

We have a bunch of picture from the Jungle Cruise, which kind of baffles me, because I don't know why I would be taking more pictures of the Jungle Cruise, but the first one makes sense because...
Photobucket's a hidden Mickey!

It's possible I took this photo because of the influence of the video posted on the Disney Parks Blog where they airlifted this guy out of the ride for refurbishment. It was an awesome video.
As you can see, he's back now.

I do like giraffes and zebras...
(My typing that prompted Athena to quote the bit in Tangled, where Rapunzel's like, "I do like ducklings..." and Rider's like, "Yay!")

Aww, that's so sweet of those lions to watch over that sleeping zebra...
Can you feel the love tonight?

I don't remember the first part of the joke that goes with this one. Sometimes they mention a missing party... Sometimes they just say, "I told them never to get in an argument with a rhino." (The rhino's hidden behind that pole, but you can still see it!)
They always get their point the end.

The most dangerous animal in Africa! But don't worry; they're only dangerous when they're wiggling their ears and blowing bubbles.


This one's cropped shorter to get guest faces out of the way, but doesn't it make you feel that much closer to the action?


The moment you've all been waiting for! The eighth wonder of the world! The one! The only! Backside of water!
Don't try this at home, folks. It took them three hours to get my head out of the sink the first time.

Don't tell him that; of course there are piranhas in Africa. (They don't say that on the ride; that's from Tarzan. In the ride, they try to distract you so the piranhas are more surprising. Sometimes they point out the local exotic plant life. There's some. There's some.)

These guys tend to get overlooked now that there are so many piranhas in the river. Seriously, I think they ought to do something about the piranha population. But the tour guide used to point out the giant snake sitting in a tree, H-I-S-S-I-N-G. And something about the snake's main squeeze.

At the end of the ride is Trader Sam, offering a special deal on shrunken heads--two of his for one of yours. Any way you slice it, you're sure to come out a head. He invited me to dinner the other day, but I arrived late, so all I got was the cold shoulder. I told him that night, "Sam, your wife makes a great stew." He said to me, "Yeah, I know. But I sure am going to miss her."
...and that's about the extent of cannibal humor we can stomach. Eh heh. Incidentally, they recently remodeled a restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel and changed it from whatever it was (we don't go to the hotel very often) to Tongaroa Terrace...and the bar is Trader Sam's. One of these days, we're going to protest. With big signs.

Oh, and also, the little elephant is named Squirt. The tour guide warns you to watch out for when he squirts at you. "You may think it's water, but it'snot."

Finally, I have no idea why I took this picture.

And that's all for Disneyland pictures for now. Next time (whenever that is), we should have some pictures from the new Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure. Don't miss it! ...Unless you want to. Y'know. It's not really that big a deal, and you can probably find pictures of that ride (and videos) all over the internet.

Today I'm thankful for excuses to ramble about Disneyland, not being at an overcrowded Super Bowl party, finally getting some pictures uploaded, Werther's chocolate toffee bars (which seem less like toffee and more like they took their hard caramels, smashed them to itty bitty bits, and put them in chocolate; I'm cool with that), and finally beating Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (but we'll probably go back and do some of the extra quests that are open now that we've beat the game).
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