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Oreo update: he seems to be doing alright. His appetite isn't quite what it usually is, but he is eating and keeping everything down, so we think he's on the mend. He's walking with a bit of an extra arch in his back, which sometimes makes him a little wobbly. We're not sure what's up with that, but we're hoping it will go away as he starts feeling better. If it gets to be a problem, of course we'll be taking him back to the vet.

Speaking of vets! Mom told us the other day, and I kept thinking of mentioning it, but never got around to it. She took Mojo to get retested for FIV and the results came back negative! Yay! ...Of course, now Mom's convinced that the vet who was all doom and gloom when the issue first came up was just scamming her to get her to sign up for a pet insurance plan. I only bring it up because I really want to emphasize the importance of being an understanding, optimistic doctor.

Anyway...was there something else I was going to talk about today? I could talk about the latest episode of Once Upon A Time, but I think our reaction is pretty much the same as it is for every episode. Only this time I came to the conclusion that the writers are treating the characters more as puppets than as characters. They do things that don't make any sense based on their supposed character description, just for the sake of moving the story along. ...At least that's how it seemed in this episode (the one about the magic mirror).

Today I'm thankful for Oreo doing well, the tastiness of mozzarella Cheez-its, Mojo not having FIV, getting to watch some fun anime this morning (Fairy Tail and Chihayafuru; last night we watched Maid Sama--it's really weird that the same guy plays Arata and Kurotatsu), and getting a royalty report from one of our clients (we don't get royalties, so the report on all our earnings was 0, but it was neat to see all the statistics; maybe that's what I was going to talk about...).
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