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Oreo's quirks

We're waiting for books for our next project, which means we got the day off today! We were planning to have a nice relaxing three day weekend, but instead, we had adventures.

It happened right at lunchtime. We were both noticing that it was lunchtime because we were hungry, so we were going to finish indexing the names we had downloaded, and go straight to lunch. But before that happened, I heard a noise that made me go, "What the--!?" I noticed that Oreo was down by my chair all of a sudden (he had been on the bed beside me), and my reaction was mixed up, like, "He's playing, how cute! I'm glad he has so much energy! But what is he batting at so vehemently...?" Then I realized he wasn't batting at anything; he was having a seizure.

Athena had a better vantage point and as soon as she saw Oreo fall from the bed, she knew we needed to say a prayer. So we did, and Oreo stopped shaking almost immediately after. The next step was to call the veterinarian, and we got an appointment for right when the vet would be returning from lunch. Mom was kind enough to drop everything and drive us over there, and we arrived a little early.

Dr. G, who continues to be wonderful, told us that there's a long, long list of potential causes for seizures in pets, and while it could be one of a few things, it could also be this thing with a fancy name that apparently means, "They just have seizures for some reason...? We don't know why, but we can treat it." But since the medication for that can be harmful, she wanted to do some bloodwork first to see if it was one of the other things. For example, his blood glucose could be low. He's still underweight, and he's been extra picky lately, so that made the most sense to us, anyway. (Dr. G also did not chastise us for his continued underweightness; she sympathized that it's hard to get cats with IBD to gain weight because they already have problems with malabsorption.)

So they did the bloodwork, and Dr. G came back with the good news! His blood's all normal! Well, normal for an underweight cat, anyway. There was nothing that really sent up any red flags.

That being the case...we still don't know what caused the seizure. But instead of putting him on potentially harmful medication, we're keeping an eye on him to see if he really needs it. The goal with the medication, according to Dr. G, is to get the pet down to two or fewer seizures a month. If he's not having that many seizures to begin with, than we don't want to put him on the meds.

As for Oreo, he seems to be doing just fine right now. He's still being picky, so we gave him some of his regular medicine, which we should have done yesterday, but didn't because we were running out. Maybe this whole thing was just a very dramatic way of reminding us to go get a medicine refill, dangit! Anyway, he's acting pretty normal, so our stress levels have gone down considerably. It was also comforting to learn that the seizure doesn't necessarily mean he's dying any more than normal.

And that was our adventure for the day. Now it's time for some chillaxin'.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo's episode happening on our day off, Mom and Steve being kind enough to drive us to and from the vet (Mom had a meeting, so she dropped us off, and she hadn't called by the time we were done, so we called Steve for a ride home), sympathetic/understanding veterinarians, having shiny Disney checkbooks, and Oreo looking very calm and relaxed on the cat bed right now.
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