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I feel like I had so much to write about that I put off because I wanted to make sure to finish posting about the race, but now that I'm done with the race, I can't remember what it all was. It probably wasn't important.

I do remember that yesterday Mom drove us to the store, and when she came to pick us up, we asked her, "Do you think Southern people talk slow?" And immediately she said, "Yes!" So I said, "But you talk fast..." to which she replied, "Yeah, my momma always told me I talked like a Yankee."

Apparently it's something she thinks about occasionally, because she had some more to say on the subject, and we didn't even need to prompt her. She says Southerners talk slow because they like to think about what they're saying, but if you were to line up people from different regions and have people judge their intelligence based on how they talk, the Southerners would be judged as the least intelligent every time, just because they talk slow. It's kind of fascinating really, and that (and our job dealing in languages...) almost makes me want to do a study on regional dialects!

...But then we decide we have other things we want to do first, and so it never happens. Maybe someday. It sure would help with translating, though.

I also wanted to make a quick note about Deltora Quest, because we were working on it today, and most of the time, when the manga is different from the book, it's pretty easy to see that they did it for time/space reasons. Sometimes we wonder if they changed something because the manga artist thought it would be more fun/dramatic to do it that way, or if it had something to do with the translation of the novels into Japanese. Usually it's just little things, because a big thing would be more obviously something for Dramatic Manga purposes. And today, we ran into the biggest change we've seen yet! It was like, "Whooooaaaaa! What are you doing!?" And I was amused (not by the change itself, just by the fact that it happened), so I wanted to mention it. And in case I ever come back and read this post and wonder, "Huh, I wonder what that was about," I'll also note that it was in the Shifting Sands.

Today I'm thankful for having yummy chocolate to look forward to, making good progress on Deltora Quest today, the cute little baby orangutan on our calendar, being at a point in our schedule where we don't have to divide time between projects, and having an adorable kitty on my lap.
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